Highest Paid Female Volleyball Players in the World 2019

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In today’s world volleyball is not just a team sports of six players on either side separated by a six foot tall net. Chinese Zhu Ting is the world’s highest Female Volleyball Players after signing a contract. 

This team sports is one of the most popular games among st others.Volleyball sports history dates back to 1895 in Holyoke,Massachusetts. An American invented man named William Morgan, a physical Education teacher wanted to create an all-inclusive sports that is not rough but at the same time requires athletic involvement.

Highest Paid Female Volleyball Players in the world 2018 SportsEon

This game is commonly divided into two major types and it is a game that has has competition as well as recreation.

Now we are going to find out and lets take a look at how has been ranking in the cash in the world female volleyball players 2018.

Top 10 Highest Paid Female Volleyball Players 2019 

#10 Morgan Beck Earnings $600,000 :

Newport Beach, California, U.S. Lady Morgan is model and successfull Beach volleyball Player at a professioal lavel.

Morgan Beck Earnings 2018 SportsEon

She was born in March 30,1987 and she has played for the USA Volleyball national team with the Association of Volleyball players (both young guns and pro).

Her Education life start to attending San Clemente High School in the state of California and she finished her Bachelors at university of California in Berkeley.

As a Modeling star she attended her modeling career to work of Nike during the 2012 Olympics and well known with hottest athletes in the national team according to Complex Magazine.

In her personal life she got married to an Olympic skiing champion Bade Miller.

#9 KiM Yeon Koung Earnings $800,000 :

29 years old Gurye, South Korean lady Kim is currently attached to Turkish Side Fenerbahce,Signing a three year contract with ther team.

KiM Yeon Koung Earnings 2018 SportsEon

As a South Korean female professional volleyball player in 2012 Olympics she was the MvP of the competition.

In her volleyball career she played for South Korean side Incheon Heungkuk life pink Spiders and later she played for JT Marvelous in Japan,before going to Europe.

As a Best Scorer of Turkish side, she won the 2012 CEV Champions League and now she well known for her set-winning spikes and overall superb game play skill.

#8 Tijana Boskovic Earnings $900,000 :

Bileca, Bosnia and Herzegovina girl Tijana Boskovic is a Serbian volleyball player for the Serbia women’s national volleyball team.

Tijana Boskovic earnings 2018 SportsEon

6 fit 4 inc Boskovic was the leading scorer for the Serbia women’s national volleyball team in her debut in the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship.

The current club is Eczacıbası Vitra won the bronze medal of the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix and the Best Opposite individual award.

Serbian 20 years old Tijana was chosen best player in Europe in 2017 by the European Volleyball Confederation and also selected by the Olympic Committee of Serbia 2017 Young Athlete of The Year.

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#7 Tatiana Kosheleva Earnings $1 Million :

Minsk, Byelorussian SSR,Soviet Union Kosheleva has played most of her club career in Russia,playing for Dinamo Moscow,Dinamo Kazan,Dinamo Krasnodar and most recently joined Turkish side Eczacibasi Vitra.

Tatiana Kosheleva earnings 2018 SportsEon

As a Russian Professional volleyball female player she won the 2010 World Championship gold,the 2013 European Championship gold and the 2015 European Championship gold.

After receiving the world championship gold in 2010 she was prompt to MVP at the 2013 event.

29 years old Tatiana Sergeyevna Kosheleva has thirteen individual awards to her name,most of them being either MVP or best Scorer or best outside spiker.

At last she joined the Eczacibasi Vatra in 2016 to present.

#6 Jordan Larson Earnings 1.2 Million :

Jordan Quinn Larson-Burbach is Ameican indoor volleyball female player who played for Turkish club Eczacibasi Vitra and also a member of the USA National volleyball team.

Jordan Larson earnings 2018 SportsEon

31 years old Larson most notable achievements include the 2016 Olympics(bronze),2015 World Cup (bronze), 2012 Olympics (Silver) and 2014 World Championships (gold).

In her career she earned various individual awards,from best blocker to MVP,to best receiver and best scorer.

Full history of his club career, She won three Championships with Russian club Dinamo Kazan and also won three more with her current club Eczacibasi vatra.

#5 Logan Maile Lei Tom Earnings 1.4 Million :

American indoor volleyball and beach volleyball player Lei Tom is the youngest ever female American volleyball
Olympian,debuting at the Sydney Olympic games back in 2000 when she was only 19.

Logan Maile Lei Tom earnings 2018 SportsEon

6 fit 1 inc Napa,California,U.S Lady is a prolific first team player,who often rising to help the team win matches and she is one of the most renowned personalities in American volleyball.

However,after getting high school,she was widely involved in sport,playing basketball and Javelin.

After involving the national volleyball team squad she also a model having posed for FHM Magazine in 2004 and Was named 91st Sexiest woman in the world in 2005.

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#4 Katerina Gamova Earnings $1.6 Million :

Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Gamova is one of the tallest female volleyball player in the Russia.

6 fit and half inc lady Gamova has been instrumental in keeping Russia in the world map,helping the country collect gold in numerous occasions.

Katerina Gamova earnings 2018 sportseon

Best achievement of her career – she won gold at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World championship both in 2006 and 2010 and she also won the Olympic silver in Athens in 2004 and Sydney 2000.

Russian club Dinamo Kazan current player Katerina was named MVP at the 2010 world Championships winning gold.As a Dinamo Kazan player she also earn gold and pretend to be the best opposite spiker at the 2014 FIVB club world championship.

#3.Gabrielle Reece Earnings $1.8 Million :

American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model and actress started playing sport in high school at Keswick christian School in Florida and later got a sporting scholarship form Florida state university,where she studied communications.

Gabrielle Reece earnings 2018 sportseon

La Jolla, San Diego, California, U.S. lady Gabby was one of the best players in the 90’s winning Beach volleyball
championships,the WBVL and the 2000 Olympic Challenge.

Mother of two child Reece Viola Hamilton and Brody Jo Hamilton – Gabrielle apart from her volleyball career,she is also one significant model and her modeling assignments elevate her net worth manifolds.

#2 Sheilla Castro Earnings $1.16 Million :

Sheilla Tavares de Castro Blassioli is one of the most recognized faces in volleyball of Brazil,having won gold multiple times with the national squad.

Sheilla Castro earnings 2018

The most notable and prestigious achievement of his life was Olympic gold in 2008 and 2012.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil 34 years old lady has also won gold with Brazil at the FIVB world Grand Prix both in 2006 and 2009.

After this castro added the 2011 Pan American games gold medal to her collection and collectively has five seven high profile medals for both club and country including five gold,one silver and one bronze.

In her individual career she has total of 17 awards depends on MVP,Best opposite and best outside spiker.

#1 Zhu Ting Earnings $2 Million (Almost) :

23 old Professional Chinese Zhu Ting is the world’s highest paid volleyball player after signing a contract with Turkish League Champions VakifBank Istanbul in 9th May 2016.

Zhu Ting highest paid volleyball players 2018 SportsEon

Citizan of Dancheng, Henan Ting was the top scorer at last year’s FIVB World Cup in Japan, where she was named the tournament’s MVP.

Number 5 Outside hitter of Vakifbank Spor Kulubu, Zhu reportedly signed in a deal worth more than $ 1.18 million.(Actual unpublished)

Spor Kulubu will be hoping the dynamic outside hitter will help the team to a 10th domestic crown and a third CEV Champions League title.

6 fit 6 inc Zhu Ting has developed into one of the world’s top outside hitters and has been carefully nurtured by China coach Lang Ping. Although in recent time She will be a key player for China in the upcoming FIVB World Grand Prix and at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

In recently Volleyball world with so many accolades these players with their amazing playing style have managed to amuse the viewers all around the world. It is clear fact that these Highest Paid Female Volleyball Players are who have millions of fans and followers worldwide. If you like volleyball you also like the players to be looked upon for tactics and play styles.


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