Worst Soccer Player Ever in World Football League History

Posted on March 02, 2019, 11:14 am
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Football at present is blessed with some of the best talent on this planet showcasing their abilities at the grandest levels. Now a days most people tend to concentrate who is the worst soccer player ever. The title of the article may look unpleasing for some hardcore soccer fans but the reality is that every coin has a flip side.

We try to scoop out a list depends on their negative fame, character and morality. Many English premier league and Spanish la liga players includes of them for perpetual diving on the pitch.

Do You remember the event ?  when Cristiano Ronaldo sends Wayne Rooney off with a cheeky wink in 2006 world cup.  After this everyone loves to hate Cristiano Ronaldo but the soccer star only added fuel to the fire during the 2006 World Cup.  His national team met Portuguese player couldn’t help but show his delight when Wayne Rooney was sent off the pitch with a red card in the quarter-final match.

Cristiano  Ronaldo famous quote “Your love makes me strong; your hate makes me unstoppable”

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we are going to list down 10 worst soccer player in no particular order that we think our worst bearing in mind the negative recognition.

Sergio Ramos :

As a Real Madrid’s most dirty player Sergio Ramos has had a long and distinguished career.Total Football carrier  Ramos has 20 red cards, which is a La Liga record.

Real Madrid star is a notoriously hard-tackling defender with a nasty temper and a penchant for kicking and elbowing his opponents. This type of  work  made him a widely worst soccer player, resulting in tirades of laughter when he happens to balloon a penalty into the stands.

Ashley Cole :

Many reasons to despise Ashley Cole to call worst soccer player in football history. One of the biggest reason is he allegedly cheated on his ex-wife Cheryl Cole numerous times until she divorced him.

For more money he left the team that developed him into a quality player.In Twitter he faced a torrent of abuse from the thousands of people who hate him.

Ashley Young :

Young has a disgusting inclination to cheat whenever the opportunity arises. Before the end of 2012 ,in total he won 11 penalties out of 200 premier League games  but he continued losing his balance.

Although there is nothing wrong with winning penalties when you’re genuinely fouled, but  Alex Ferguson said he fell dramatically for one of the penalties he won for Manchester United in the 2011-12 season. He was also warned by David Moyes about his diving in the 2013-14 season.

Juan Camilo zuniga :

Juan Camilo zuniga worst soccer player

Angry , Petulant , immature there are many words to describe camilo zuniga. Neymar was carried off the field in severe pain late in Brazil’s 2-1 quarterfinal win over Colombia on Friday night after being kneed in the back in a collision with Zuniga.

Brazil star had fractured a bone at the base of his back and would be on the sidelines for four weeks. On this match referee took no action against camilo but FIFA will review the video footage of the violent incident.  After this Camilo known as a worst soccer player in the football history.

Dani Alves :

The ability of Dani Alves may be motivated by something far worse than merely winning penalties. As a full back, Alves doesn’t find himself in the opposition penalty area many time. Alves has adapted by feigning injury and exaggerating tackles in order to get opposition players sent off or booked. Against Real Madrid in a Champions League encounter was the One of the most notable example.

In the video footage of this match it was cleared that Alves perfectly timed the movement of his leg to look as if he was brutally fouled. As a match turning foul the Madrid player was sent off and Barcelona progressed to the next round.

Cristiano Ronaldo :

Ronaldo perpetual diving to win fouls and penalties and his tendency to be a petulant winger.The real Madrid stat hasn’t done a huge amount wrong. We point out three things may have acted to exaggerate his faults though.

Number one, he played for Manchester United, which always earns you a bad rub of the green. 2nd, he looks like a Ken Doll by wearing earrings and using hair gel, so there is a lot of scorn for this preening boy-band look from football fans.

In last, he’s just a very good football player who will draw fouls from the opposition. in spite of this he achieved notorious levels of hatred during his time in the Premier League, although his diving antics have cooled since coming to Spain.

John Terry :

There really is no end to the scathing headlines for John Terry and most of it is well deserved. he urinated in a beer glass which he then dropped to the floor of a nightclub and he was charged for assault and affray outside a nightclub in 2002. Terry parked his expensive Bentley in a disabled parking space in 2008.

He allegedly gave tours of Chelsea’s training ground in return for bribes In 2009. In the Yerar of 2010 it was revealed that he cheated on his wife and two children by having an affair with a team-mates girlfriend. This wasn’t enough, he went to trial for allegedly racially abusing Anton Ferdinand during a 2011 football match.

John was cleared of the abuse as it could not be completely proven. The Football Association only needed to prove that abuse was likely to have occurred, giving John Terry a 4-match ban.

Luis Suarez :

when he hand-balled on the goal line to prevent a certain goal against Uruguay in the 2010 World Cup. Luis Suarez first came to hateful prominence. Suarez move to the Premier League he has been accused of diving after winning a number of penalties for Liverpool.

Luis Suarez bit Branislav Ivanovich in a match against Chelsea in April 2013. In 2014 World Cup this Uruguayan vampire also bit Giorgio Chiellini when he playing the match against Italy.

Sergio Busquets :

  Busquets is similar to Barcelona team-mate Dani Alves, He takes simulation to a new level of ruinous disgust. Both Player have made many football fans despise Barcelona, and that is unforgivable. Sergio antics are worse than Alves for the simple reason .

He dives far more often and for far more innocuous challenges. You can see him actually in the process of cheating if you watch this video.

Joey Barton :

All the football fans there is no greater hatred than that reserved for Joey Barton. Barton is the biggest thug of them all and acts like a criminal on the pitch. Joey has received lot of red cards, has committed atrocious fouls, and continues to do so despite the attention. What makes Barton such a hated figure is the way he loses his temper and strikes out at other players.

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