Top 10 Greatest Wimbledon Matches of All Time

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As we know Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It’s considered by many as the most prestigious. In 1877, it has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London. It is played on outdoor grass courts. Wimbledon is also one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. This tournament started in late June and early July, starting on the last Monday in June and culminating with the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Singles Finals. Here, we pick out the top 10 greatest wimbledon matches of all time.

Top 10 Greatest Wimbledon Matches

Wimbledon means drama, emotions, affliction, and royalty of England makes it the most estimable day by day. From the beginning, we found a lot of greatest Wimbledon matches in the history of Wimbledon. Let’s see 10 biggest and greatest matches details here

1. Bjorn Borg VS John McEnroe (1980)

Wimbledon Bjorn Borg VS John McEnroe 1980Borg was called as an iceman, an atrocious baseliner, legend with charisma and versatility who used his racket to probe other player’s weaknesses like a surgeon wielding a scalpel. On the other hand, McEnroe was the Brat as well as an effective genius player who often gave the impression that his real opponent was the umpire, or himself, or anyone other than the person standing on the other side of the net.

Though Borg had won Wimbledon for 5 consecutive times from 1976 to 1980 but in 1980 match was the greatest. In 1980, Borg defeated John McEnroe in the final with 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7 and 8-6 to win the match. It was considered as the greatest match in the world.

Borg was known for his getting hyper in the game. Although McEnroe was trying to establish his own that time but Borg was fighting to retain his supremacy in the world of tennis. This match was the longest in the history of Wimbledon because this match was 4th set tie break which finishing at 18-16.

2. Steffi Graf VS Martina Navratilova (1989)

Wimbledon Steffi Graf VS Martina Navratilova 1989It is said that Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova met 18 times during their careers. In 1989, the greatest Wimbledon match was held between the two icons of women tennis Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graff. Martina pushed women’s tennis beyond the perceived limits of gender. On the other hand, Steffi Graf was unremitting in her quest for excellence.

The age difference between Navratilova and Graf is more than 12.5 years. Martina was holding on the record of the most number of single titles as well as Graf has won the honor of 22 grand slams. It also is said that their overall head-to-head series is tied 9–9, with Graf having a 4–2 record in Grand Slam finals and Navratilova having a 5–4 record in Grand Slam matches winning the last Grand Slam match between the two of them despite being 34 at the time.

3. Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi (1999)

Wimbledon Pete Sampras VS Andre Agassi 1999Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi both are retired professional men’s tennis players. During the 1960s, they were both ranked World No.1. In 1989 through 2002, they played each other 34 times with contrasting styles and temperament which Sampras has won 20 matches. It is called the greatest tennis rivalries of all time.

In Grand Slam final tournament 1995 Australian Open, Agassi beat Sampras in four sets. Agassi was called as the best service returner in the history of the game. Their head-to-head was 9–3 in favor of Sampras from their 1995 US Open final match to 1999. They were much excited when they fought for the biggest prize in 1999.

In 1999, this day belonged to Sampras and he was able to outplay his opponent with 6-4, 6-4 and 7-5. Agassi and Sampras have found bonds to continue their friendship on a deeper level after retirement.

4. Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras (2001)

Wimbledon Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras 2001Roger Federer was immature from Pete Sampras. Because when Federer was unknown in the world of tennis, the arena belonged to this tennis machine from California called Pete Sampras, who had ruled the world of tennis in the last decade of the 20th century.

Pete Sampras was known for his power shots and elegant combination of serve and volley, he won 14 grand slams which were the record at that time. When Roger Federer was trying to make his way into the elite panel of players, Pete came across a nineteen-year-old. But when Federer stretched a stunner in the tie break, maximum people felt that it was going to be something different.

And finally, it turned out exactly that. Finishing this game it upholds many twists, Federer has won a miraculous victory in epic 5 set match to announce his arrival on the international tennis scene. In the end, the scoreline for Federer was 7-6, 5-7, 6-4, 6-7 and 7-5.

5. Serena Williams vs Venus Williams (2002)

Wimbledon Serena Williams vs Venus Williams 2002Venus Williams was born on June 7 in 1980 and Serena Williams was born on September 26 in 1981. They are a professional tennis player and also sisters. They have faced off 30 times in professional tournaments, most recently in 2018 US open event.

Two sisters are ranked World NO.1. In February 2002, Venus for a total of 11 weeks and in July 2002, Serena for a total of 316 weeks. They are the only two women during the open era to play each other in four consecutive Grand Slam finals from the 2002 French Open to the 2003 Australian Open. In Venus career, she has won 49 singles title and Serena has won 72 titles.

The two sisters always belong to a very close relationship. When playing doubles together, they have won 22 titles including 14 Grand Slam titles and 3 Olympic gold medals. Serena was better on the day and flung down her sister Venus but Venus quietly said: “until next time”.

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6.  Maria Sharapova vs Serena Williams (2004)

Greatest Wimbledon Matches Maria Sharapova vs Serena Williams 2004Serena Williams was the first player to win the women’s singles tournament three consecutive times since Steffi Graf was champion in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Sharapova was to become the World No.1 when she entered the top ten for the first time in her career.

She also became the third-youngest woman to win Wimbledon and the second Russian woman to win a Grand Slam title. At the 2004 Wimbledon Championships, Maria Sharapova defeated the two-time defending champion Serena Williams in the final, 6–1, and 6–4 to win the Ladies Singles tennis title.

Though it was the biggest obstacle for Maria because she was faced with world number 1 Serena Williams. But Maria gave Serena no chance to stand in the way her and her title. And finally, Maria Sharapova has won.

7. Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal (2008)

Wimbledon Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal 2008If it was said that which is the best tennis match at Wimbledon? Most people give their vote this match. There is little game in tennis would have so much riding on it as this one had. It was final match between the two top-ranked players of Federer and Nadal in 2008 Championships. Roger Federer was artistic and sublime with his moves and skills.

On the other hand, Rafael Nadal was determined and enthusiastic. Despite huge attentiveness, Federer had defeated Nadal twice in the Wimbledon final on the previous two occasions. Surprisingly Nadal punched the defending champion into oblivion by winning the first two sets by 6-4 and 6-4. This year, Federer had to survive the match point against Nadal in the 4th set tie break to keep his chances alive.

8. Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick (2009)

Wimbledon Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick 2009Undoubtedly Roger Federer was the World No. 1 tennis player. He was up against Andy Roddick of the USA who is known for his bullet-like serves in 2009. It is said that Roddick played his heart out in 2009 in front of the living legend Pete Sampras who was also present at the Centre Court.

But this match will be remembered forever because it contained the longest 5th set in any Wimbledon final as none of them was able to break each other’s serve. As a result, the 5th set ended at 16-14 and Federer won the title for the 6th time.

9. John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut  (2010)

Wimbledon John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut 2010At the 2010 Wimbledon Championships match was held between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut which is the longest tennis match in history. It was also a first-round Men’s Singles match, which the American 23rd seed John Isner played French Nicolas Mahut.

It can be said that it was the longest match in tennis history which measured both by time and number of games. This match took 11 hours,5 minutes of [play over three days with a final score of 6-4,3-6,6-7.7-6,70-68 for a total of 183 games.

Isner and Mahut have broken numerous Wimbledon and tennis records, including each serving over 100 aces, with the match being referred to as “the endless match”.

10. Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic (2013)

Wimbledon Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic 2013They are both professional tennis players. Where Andy Murray came from the United Kingdom and Novak Djokovic came from Serbia. In their career, they have met 36 times and Djokovic leads 25-11 times. Including seven at Grand Slam tournaments, they have met in 19 tour finals, where Djokovic leads 11–8. Djokovic prevailing in four sets.

the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, where Murray won in straight sets in the 2013 Australian Open. Despite, Djokovic has taken a commanding lead, winning 14 of their last 17 encounters but Murray won the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.

Andy Murray made sure that his country men don’t have to live another day to see their own champion with his blistering strokes and speedy serves. They reigned as the two highest-ranked male players in the world between May and August in 2013. And finally, Murray defeated Djokovic in straight sets with a score of 6-4, 7-5 and 6-4.


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