Top 10 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time Ever

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From the beginning, Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played where 2 rival teams who take rotate batting and fielding. When a player on the fielding team, called the pitcher, throws a ball which a player on the batting team tries to hit with a bat then the game starts. There are many players who developed his career by playing baseball and earn to huge money as well as achieved several awards. This paper is picked up Top 10 Greatest baseball players all time who are widely known.

Top 10 Greatest Baseball Players

However, we separated some formidable player from baseball history. Let’s start

10. Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens SportsEonWilliam Roger Clemens was born on August 4, 1962, who is an American quondam baseball player. He completed 354 wins, 3.12 Earned Run Average (ERA), and 4,672 strikeouts, the third-most time. As a result, he was one of the most dominant players in major league history.

During his career, he won several awards such as  Rotary Smith Award, Sporting News Pitcher of the Year Award, seven Cy Young Awards, two-time World Series champion, 11-time All-Star, etc. Clemens has been instated into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame.

9. Honus Wagner

Honus Wagner SportsEonHonus Wagner was an American baseball player, who was born on 24 February 1874. During 1897 to 1917, he played 21 seasons in Major League Baseball. He was called to “The Flying Dutchman”. He was inducted as one of the first five members at the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

With his successful career, he won many awards such as eight batting title in 1911 and so on. Finishing playing baseball, Wagner served as a coach. During 1933 to 1952, he was a hitting instructor in the coaching career. He was also a coach of basketball at Carnegie Institute of Technology. Cobb called himself,” maybe the greatest star ever to take the diamond. It is said that he is one of the rarest and most valuable baseball cardsin existence.

8. Stan Musial

Stan Musial SportsEonStanley Frank Musial was the first baseman in the American baseball outfielder. His nickname was “Stan the Man”. In 1969 he was first inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and in 2014; he was selected to St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame in the initial class. He records his career hits in 3,630, runs batted in 1,951, games played 3,026, runs scored in 1,949 and doubles 725.

As a result, he is widely called to be one of the greatest and most consistent hitters in baseball history. He was named Most Valuable Player (MVP) three times at the National League (NL) and led St. Louis to three World Series championships.

Besides, he has won baseball’s Triple Crown, the highest civilian awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 1945, he was served in the Navy. He returned to baseball in 1946 when completing his military service during this year.

7. Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb SportsEonTy Cobb was born on December 18, 1886, in rural Narrows, Georgia. He was an American Major League Baseball (MBL) outfielder. He’s nicknamed “The Georgia Peach”. He has played 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers and completed his career with the Philadelphia Athletics.

Cobb was a supremely ingenious player who has the greatest lifetime batting average in major-league history (.366). Cobb received the most votes of any player on the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame ballot in 1936. At the Sporting News ranked Ty Cobb third on their list of “Baseball 100 Greatest Players” in 1999.

6. Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson SportsEonWalter Perry Johnson was a right-handed pitcher at Major League Baseball (MLB). He’s nicknamed “Barney” and “The Big Train”. At the age of nineteen Johnson was spotted by a talent scout and signed a contract with the Washington Senators in July 1907. He completed several records such as shutouts with 110, second in wins with 417, and fourth in complete games with 531.

Johnson was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of its “first five” inaugural members in 1936. Walter married to Hazel Lee Roberts in 1914. They had five children. His wife died from complications resulting from heat stroke after a long train ride from Kansas in August 1930.

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5. Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron SportsEonHenry Louis Aaron is a retired American baseball right fielder who was born on February 5, 1934. Though he appeared at several infield and outfield positions, he played basically in right field. During 1954 to 1976, he played 21 seasons for the Milwaukee/ Atlanta Braves in the National League (NL) and two seasons the Milwaukee Brewers in the American League (AL).

He has won several awards such as NL All-Star, Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 1957, Gold Glove for three seasons, the World Series, NL Player of the Month award in 1958 and 1967, Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002, the Hank Aaron Award in 1999, etc.

As a result, he ranked fifth on “100 Greatest Baseball Players” list by The Sporting News. After finishing a successful career, he has held front office roles with the Atlanta Braves.

4. Ted Williams

Ted Williams SportsEonTheodore Samuel Williams who is known to “The Kid”, “The Splendid Splinter”, “Teddy Ballgame” and also “The Thumper”. He was an American professional baseball player and considered as one of the greatest players in baseball history.

During 1939 to 1960, he played his entire 19-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career as a left fielder for the Boston Red Sox. For his World Series, he won his first AL MVP Award in 1946. Besides, he won his first Triple Crown in 1942 and second 1947, Presidential Medal of Freedom and so on.

Finishing a successful career, he retired from playing in 1960. In 1966, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1997, he was elected for the Major League Baseball All-Time Team and also the Major League Baseball All-Century Team in 1999.

3. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds SportsEonBarry Lamar Bonds was born on July 24, 1964. He is an American former professional baseball player who played as a left fielder. He also regarded as an exceptional hitter as well as a talented all-around baseball player. He played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.

He has won seven NL MVP awards, eight Gold Glove awards, 12 Silver Slugger awards, and 14 All-Star selections. He is considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Bonds was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013. In 2016, Bonds served as the hitting coach for the Miami Marlins and was fired at the end of the season.

2. Willie Mays

Willie Mays SportsEonWillie Howard Mays, Jr. was born on May 6, 1931. He is an American former baseball player who played as a center fielder. Mays selected second on “The Sporting News “List of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players” in 1999.

After one year, he was also elected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. In 1955, he hit over 50 home runs and representing the longest time span between 50-plus home run seasons for any player in Major League Baseball history in 1965.

He has won two National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, he ended his career with 660 home runs third at the time of his retirement and currently fifth all-time and won a record-tying 12 Gold Glove awards beginning in 1957.

1. Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth SportsEonGeorge Herman Ruth Jr. was born in 1895 in Maryland. Ruth’s parents Katherine and George Herman Ruth Sr. who were both of German ancestry. His nickname “The Bambino” and “The Sultan of Swat”. He spends his 22 seasons from 1914 to 1935 with Major League Baseball (MLB). He also worked asa lighting rod salesman and streetcar operator.

Ruth is considered one of the greatest sports heroes in American culture and is regarded by many people to be the greatest baseball player of all time. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump in 2018.

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