Top 10 Forbes Most Dangerous Sports in the World

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Sports are the absolute sources of entertainment nowadays and it would be hard to find someone in recent time who actually does not like sports. Though the choice would vary from person to person as we know. Sports are the way to take care of the body through proper exercise. Some used to play sports only for recreation but some used to take it as a professional level. There are different types of sports which can be divided into two major types like indoor and outdoor games. The sports where a person has to participate physically, there always have a chance of getting injured at different levels. They can also cost the lives and plenty of lives have been lost through the different types of sports. Some sports are extremely dangerous and today we would like to talk about Forbes Most Dangerous Sports.

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Top 10

Forbes-Most-Dangerous-top 3 – Whitewater Rafting, BMX, Mountain Climbing

Top 10 Forbes Most Dangerous Sports

In recent time, some sports can be called as extremely dangerous but the rewards are very good. They also require a great deal of bravery. But still, a number of people used to participate in those sports so far by facing the chance of getting injured. We are here to talk about the top 10 of them today considering the analysis of Forbes. Forbes is a leading magazine in the World which used to make different issues and also make lists of top-rated facts in the World. They have an authentic list of top 10 most dangerous sports in the World and now, we are going to make details of Forbes top 10 dangerous sports in the World so far.

10. BASE Jumping

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping – Norway

BASE jumping is also written as B.A.S.E jumping and it is a sport of parachuting or wingsuit flying from a cliff or a fixed structure. The jumping is one of the most dangerous sports in the World nowadays due to lower altitudes.

Due to the chance of getting injured so much, in some jurisdictions or locations, BASE jumping is called illegal. But still, in some place during the events like West Virginia Bridge Day, it is permitted. If we consider the highest BASE jumping in the World, which is recorded from Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia of 1381 feet.

Besides, the most renowned BASE jumping venues are Utah’s Tombstone Challenge which has 390 feet cliff, the Snake River BASE Games, Idaho which has 450 feet Perrine Bridge.

9. Heli-Skiing

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing – Heli-skiing Canada

Heliskiing which is also connected with the helicopter as you guess and it is actually a off-trail snowboarding or downhill skiing reached by helicopter. In the time of 1950s, helicopters were used in Europe and Alaska to access remote terrain.

Heli-Skiing is an expensive sport which cost basically depends on the number of days. If we consider Switzerland, there are almost 15,000 heliskiing flights every year to 42 landing sites. However, in recent time heliskiing is banned in Germany and in 1984, it was banned in France as well.

If we consider the renowned venues of Heli-skiing Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Alaska all have the US certified Heli-Ski operations.There are several Heli-Ski operations certified By the US and they completely ignore the fact of possibility to get injured or killed by weather or avalanche. Besides, the helicopter rides are also quite dangerous. So, Heli-Skiing is one of the most dangerous sports in the World.

8. Scuba Diving

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving – Komodo Scuba Dive Tour

Scuba diving has become one of the most popular sports, though most of the people do not aware of the proper meaning of scuba. It is the acronym or self-contained underwater breathing.

Scuba diving is also too risky sport, though the sound scuba diving is so wonderful. It has its own dangers. If the ascent from the dive too fast which can cause decompression illnesses like bends, lung, spinal cord and brain failure. Besides, there is also a risk of getting attacked by the shark or different types of creatures from underwater.

So, the people have the interest to become a scuba diver should go for proper training from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI). They are offering open sea diving certificates training but they are also costly. The costing from $150 to nearly $600 for lessons.

7. Cave Diving

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Cave Diving

Cave Diving – A diver makes her approach to the entrance of a cave

Cave Diving is a sport which is almost similar to Scuba Diving. But, it has also some risks more dangerous than Scuba. Getting lost, hypothermia, getting separated from the diving partners, low visibility, loss of air and lighting failure are the major hazards in the sport of cave diving.

Unlike the scuba diving, one cannot simply come up for the air and in that case, he or she would get smashed of the head. As stated by the Texas-based San Marcos Area Recovery Team, till now more than 500 people have died since 1960 in the cave diving accidents in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida.

In the sport, experiences do not guarantee survival. So, cave diving is one of the most dangerous sports in recent time according to Forbes.If we consider the most popular venues of cave diving, Florida and Mexico have popular cave diving locations though it can be done almost anywhere.

6. Bull Riding

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Bull Riding

Bull Riding – Australian Professional Bull rider

Bull riding is basically a rodeo sport where rider getting on the bucking bull and trying to stay mounted and the animal bull tries to buck off the rider. It is also called the ‘most dangerous eight-second’ sport and quite popular so far.

Bull riding is still regarded as one of the most dangerous sports which is also the huge favorite among men who consider themselves as extremely macho and has the testosterone to spare. However, it has a risk of getting bucked off and fall from the bulls back which can lead them to the concussion and several injuries.

There is also a chance of getting trampled by the 1800 pounds weigh up bull. There are ways of mastering the sport and two recommended schools by the professional bull riding association which are Lyle Sankey’s in Missouri and California-based Gary Leffew’s. They can cost $300 to $2,800 gradually considering the package.

5. Big-Wave Surfing

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Big-Wave Surfing

Big-Wave Surfing – open space on Hamakualoa coast

Big wave surfing is a sport which is actually a discipline of surfing where the experienced surfers used to paddle into or towed onto the waves. In big wave surfing, the waves are at least 20 feet high.

In 1992, Laird Hamilton and Darrick Doerner introduced the tow-in surfing and they were the big wave surfers. If we consider the Forbes top 10 most dangerous, we must add the name of big wave surfing. There are some obvious hazards of the sport which are pulled into the water by the current, drowning, the head could smash through the hidden rocks underwater.

Adam Wright who is the surf forecaster at California’s Surfline stated that anyone can try the sport but the chances are not coming back are still there. But still, plenty of people used to take part in the sport and there is plenty of prize money is awarded.

Billabong XXL keeps an offer of a prize money of $100,000. There are some other top events have also offered prize money like $70,000 as well.

4. Street Luge

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Street Luge

Street Luge – Former world champion Peter Eliot

Street luge is a sport that is an extremely gravity powered activity which consists of riding a street luge board down a paved road or course. The game is also known as land luge or road luge.

Street luge is often played for sport and recreation like the skateboarding. The sport is much similar to skateboarding but the difference is the rider in street luge has to be in a supine position. The major requirement of the sport is the rider much wear protective leathers and helmets and so, the chance of not getting injured will be increased.

The chance of collision on the road is quite high. Besides, only feet are working as brakes. In recent time, street luging is regarded as one of the most dangerous sports in the World so far.

New Hampshire-based Gravity Sports International used to offer day classes on a closed road in exchange for $250 at the beginning.

3. Mountain Climbing

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing – ridge on Island peak

Mountain Climbing or Mountaineering is undoubtedly a dangerous sport in the World and most of the people are quite familiar to the game. It is quite easy to say about the climbing mountain up and down. It is actually a dangerous activity with the highest natural rocks.

The truth of the game is that each and every element of the game is too risky. So, according to the Forbes Mountain Climbing is the 3rd most dangerous sport in the World nowadays.

The climbers are exposed to different hazards like broken bones, twisted ankles, sprained muscles, back injury, concussion and frostbite. The accidents are used to happen when the climbers perform heavy physical activities or just slips and falls.  

Besides, the weather can change frequently and the climbers can lose path where death is quite common. Nowadays, a number of national parks used to offer good rock climbing locations and some mountain climbing schools offer different courses as well.

2. BMX Sports

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports BMX Sports

BMX Sports – BMX Super Cross Track

Bicycle motocross which is simply known as BMX is a cycle sport which is performed by BMX bikes so far. It is an extremely thrilling cycle sport and to take part in the tough sport, one must have a special bike known as BMX bike.

The special bikes are ridden by the bikers in the sport. The BMX bikes are quite expensive as well as, especially at the professional level. BMX is obviously a racing sport where the cyclist requires to perform of some combination of acrobatics while astride the BMX bike.

In the US, the sport can be done anywhere but at the East Coast has the suitable place of dirt tracks. Due to the reason, riders often face injuries or even concussions along with scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

BMX is one of the toughest sports as well as most dangerous sports so far and so, we have ranked them in the 2nd position according to the Forbes top 10 dangerous sports so far.

1. Whitewater Rafting

Forbes Most Dangerous Sports Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting – Raftrek Adventure Travel

Whitewater Rafting or simply rafting is a recreational outdoor sport and according to Forbes, it is the most dangerous sport in the World nowadays.

The environments of the sport often change and so the participants are facing the different situation as well as a new challenge. In the wild water, the participants have the chance of getting tossed or being smashed into the rocks. The common injuries are the broken bones or twisted knees. There are various levels of difficulties that the participants are opted to decide.

The major problem with the waterfalls is the one cannot see the how steep the drop is and so, by the time it is over, it could be too late. In the United States, there are many rivers from which to choose for the whitewater rafting.

Every single river has a variety of difficulties from I to V+. And so, the choices are for the riders so far. Considering all the facts, whitewater rafting is holding the top position on the Forbes top 10 dangerous sports.


According to the above-listed details, we can see the Forbes top 10 dangerous sports in recent time in the World. Excluding them, there are a number of dangerous sports are used to be played in the current World but our today’s topic is to find out the top 10. However, no matters the danger level but some people have the passion for these dangerous sports. But one thing is for sure that above-listed sports are not for faint hearted people.

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