Top 10 Best Volleyball Teams of all time in the World

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Volleyball is a popular team sport in the world. The game was called Mintonette and was created by William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director. It was first introduced in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris as part of American sports. And later it became a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games in 1964. This sport has two teams of six players who are separated by a net. The result of team sports improve good communication skills, increases upper body strength and is a lot of fun. Here, we are going to know the top 10 best volleyball teams of all time in the world.

Top 10 Best Volleyball Teams

the ranking system for men’s and women’s national teams in volleyball depends on “The FIVB World Ranking”. The member nations of FIVB teams are ranked based on their competitions results and most successful team in ranked one by one. We find out world best top 10 best volleyball teams here. Let’s check

United States Women’s National Volleyball Team

United States Women’s National Volleyball TeamThe United States Women’s National Volleyball Team is maintained by USA Volleyball. The Team has participated in many international volleyball competitions and won several awards.

Karch Kiraly is the current head coach this team who is three-time Olympic gold medalist and retired dominant beach volleyball professional. The United States women’s national volleyball team had achieved second place six times in major competitions before 2014.

They are World Women’s Volleyball Championship in 1967, Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, and World Women’s Volleyball Championship in 2002, in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, in 2011 World Cup, in 2012 London Olympic Games.

Penn State Nittany Lions Women’s Volleyball Team

Penn State Nittany Lions Women’s Volleyball TeamThe Penn State Nittany Lions women’s volleyball team was founded in 1976, Tom Tait. During 1976-79, he coached the women’s team. Penn State entered the NCAA tournament undefeated with a 42–0 record in 1990.

The Nittany Lions surged into their third year of Big Ten play and won their second consecutive conference title in 1993. During 2013, Penn State boasted a record of 28–2, only losing in five sets to University of Texas and Michigan State by Coach Russ Rose. That record was so adequate to secure Penn State its sixteenth Big Ten championship (in twenty-three years).

As a result, Coach Russ Rose has won the AVCA Coach of the Year Award, his fifth time receiving the award. Penn State claimed its record seventh NCAA national championship and sixth in the last eight years, continuing one of the greatest dynasties in college sports in 2014.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Volleyball Team

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Volleyball TeamThe Nebraska women’s volleyball team was revealed in 1975 which is one of the most impressed teams in all of the women’s volleyball. It has several championship records. One of them is five NCAA national championships.

Nebraska’s first coach was Pat Sullivan who was the only female coach this team. She had drawn up 83–21 record in the program’s first two seasons of intercollegiate competition. Besides many coaches, John Cook is the present coach of this team. He was started off the 2000 season to present.

USA Men’s National Volleyball Team

USA Men’s National Volleyball TeamUSA Men’s National Volleyball Team is managed by USA volleyball. This team represented their country in several international competitions. The USA Men’s National Volleyball Team has participated in the Olympics, World Championship, World Cup and World League and so on.

This team has earned the gold medal in the Summer Olympics in three seasons such as in 1984, 1988 and 2008; World Championship in 1986; World Cup in two times such as in 1985 and 2015; World League in two times like that in 2008 and 2014 and Pan-American Games.

India Men’s National Volleyball Team

India Men’s National Volleyball TeamThe India Men’s National Volleyball Team was founded in 1951 which was controlled by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). In 1936, the first Championship was held at Lahore. Volleyball Federation of India was formed and its first meeting was held in Ludhiana, Punjab in 1951.

The India men’s national volleyball team represents India in international volleyball competitions and earned several awards. In 2005, this team has participated in the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship and in 2006; this team has participated in the Asian Games. The India men’s national volleyball team claimed eighth place in the FIVB World Championship in Moscow.

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South Korea Women’s National Volleyball Team

South Korea Women’s National Volleyball TeamThe South Korea women’s national volleyball team is considered one of the best teams in Asian women’s volleyball. This team represents South Korea in several international volleyball competitions.

The team achieved a bronze for their country in the Summer Olympics in 1976, World Championship in two times like that in 1967 and 1974; and World Cup also two times such as in 1973 and 1977. The team required a fourth-place victory in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team

Iran Men’s National Volleyball TeamThe Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team is managed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation (I.R.I.V.F.). It is the national men’s volleyball team of Iran. The Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team is currently the strongest team in Asia which ranks 8th in the FIVB World Rankings.

They have won twice the Asian Championship in 2011 and second time in 2013. They qualified for World Championship in September 2013. In 2014, they also defeated Japan to win the gold medal at the Asian Games Korea.

The Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team made the first time for Olympic Games in 2016 as the top-ranked Asian squad at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Japan.
They completed the 5th position in those competitions.

Dominican Republic Women’s National Volleyball Team

The Dominican Republic women’s national volleyball team represents the Dominican Republic in international volleyball competitions and also prestigious Olympic games. They are surprisingly won the 2003 Pan American Games on home soil in 2003. It is said that it is the biggest win for them.

This team has won fourth times in the World Cup such as in 2003 with 10th place, in 2007 with 9th place, in 2011 with 8th place and in 2015 with 7th place. Besides, they squad in world Grand Champions for twice time with 3 rd position in 2009 and 6th place in 2013. During 2008 and 2013, they have won Per American Cup with Champions.

Texas Longhorns Women’s Volleyball Team

Texas Longhorns Women’s Volleyball TeamThe Texas Longhorns women’s volleyball team was founded in 1974. The team represents the University of Texas at Austin in NCAA Division I intercollegiate women’s volleyball competition. It has had seven coaches in its history and achieved many Champions. It has won three honorable national championships.

One is AIAW championship in 1981 and twoins NCAA championships in 1988 and third are 2012. The Texas Longhorns women’s volleyball  team reached the NCAA Final Four in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1995, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, winning NCAA championships in 1988 and 2012. It has also earned the Big championships for eleven times. Texas Volleyball has had 32 AVCA Division I All Americans, the fourth most of any program in 2017.

Wisconsin Badgers Women’s Volleyball Team

Wisconsin Badgers Women’s Volleyball TeamThe Wisconsin Badgers women’s volleyball is the volleyball team which represents the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the NCAA Division I women’s program. It is founded in 1974. They have had eleven head coaches when it starting in 1974.

They ranked second in attendance among all Division 1 volleyball programs, averaging 6,595 fans over 15 matches in the 2018 season. It is said that it is the second All-American team by Volleyball Magazine.

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