The big stars who could not win the World Cup

Posted on May 27, 2019, 12:55 pm
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In every decade, there are a number of top-rated or we can also call them big stars used to come to rich the cricket competition. Some of them took themselves as the legendary row. But, could all of them win the World Cup? No, and today we are here to find out the big stars who could not win the World Cup.

Where is the similarity of Johan Cruyff, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paolo Maldini, and Michel Platini? Can you say? Let’s see. All of them earned their name to the legendary row. They were in the football competition and so, it was so beautiful, so rich. Based on their names, football is the most popular competition in the World right now. But, football did not do the same to them.

The big stars who could not win the World CupThe most prestigious award in football, the most prestigious honor World Cup and the players could not touch the trophy in their professional career. But most of them went too close to the title. Paolo Maldini, Johan Cruyff, and Lionel Messi reached the final but the title remains untouched. On the other side, Ronaldo and Michel Platini could not even reach the final. Considering their bright professional career, this is their untouched item as we as the most disappointing.

In the cricket, there are also a number of Brian Lara, Graham Gooch, and Waqar Younis can be noticed. Those who dominated the ground with bat and bowl but could not win the World Cup. The names are quite surprising really.

At first, we can say the name of Windies former captain Brian Lara. Those who used to get information about cricket knows the name of the ‘Prince of the Trinidad’. The legend scored the highest 400 runs in the Test cricket. He was born in the wrong time or wrong place. During the time, he was the extraordinary player alone in the ordinary team. He could not touch the World Cup though, in 1996, he led his team to the semi-final and from there, they returned with the empty hand.

Graham Gooch is just another sample. He is one of the best English batsmen in history. He gave many things to the cricket but could not win the World Cup. Former Pakistani legendary bowler Waqar Younis also missed the World Cup. He is one of the top-rated bowlers in the history and no bowler could take more five wickets than the Pakistani bowler in ODI.

Besides, there are also players like Ian Botham, Jacques Kallis, Kumar Sangakkara, AB de Villiers, Sourav Ganguly and Shahid Afridi who could not win the World Cup in their professional career.

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