What are The Qualities of a Good Catcher’s Bag

Posted on May 29, 2020, 10:11 am
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A catcher’s bag is a bag that holds the catcher’s gear. A catcher is the baseball player positioned at the back of home plate; whose primary duty is to catch pitches not hit by the batsmen.

A catcher plays a significant role in his team, and because of the kind role they play, they are required to carry all sorts of gear. Just like every other sport, a baseball catcher requires a bag to hold all the necessary gear. For instance, it could be quite impossible for sportsmen to carry all catcher’s essentials by hand without the help of a quality bag.

What are The Qualities of a Good Catchers BagCatchers’ bags are specially designed to hold and protect all catcher’s gear without any difficulty. Therefore, as a catcher, it is expedient to get a bag that can adequately contain all your baseball essentials.

Admittedly not all catcher’s bags are equal. Here are the top qualities of a good catcher’s bag to ensure you get the right catcher bag.

1. The Zipper’s Fluidness When Opening And Closing The Bag:

The catcher’s bag zipper is as essential as the bag itself. So, you need a bag that is able to contain your catcher’s gear, like the Knee savers, leg guards, catcher’s mitt, and helmet and still zip seamlessly.

You need to pay extra caution when buying a catcher’s bag, so you don’t end up purchasing a low-quality catcher’s bags with zippers which may jam frequently. You wouldn’t like your coach yelling at you on account that you couldn’t open the bag due to  a jammed zipper. 

Struggling with your bag’s zippers while the team members are already in the field is not a good sight for a catcher. Therefore, it is better to buy a catcher’s bag with quality zippers, yes it might be more expensive, but it saves you from any embarrassments. 

Besides, buying a bag with weak quality zippers means you have to be prepared to replace it every time the zipper gets spoilt. This means that while trying to save money by going for cheaper options, you have successfully ended up spending more by replacing your bag every time it gets damaged.

2. Comfortability:

Some of the baseball equipment and gear that catchers carry around are so heavy that it can pose an enormous burden on the users. Catcher bags aren’t the exemption. As a catcher, you don’t want the heaviness or weight of your bag to cause you difficulty in standing and/or walking smartly. 

Your catcher’s bag has to be comfortable to carry or move around so that you don’t have to grapple a lot with your bag as you would require rigorous movements often. This is why you require a bag that guarantees maximum comfort. 

With a comfortable catcher’s bag, you are assured that you won’t have to struggle with a heavyweight. Heavyweight lifting can cause sore muscles and body aches and ultimately affect your performance in the game.

Before you buy a catcher’s bag, you should note that different catchers have differently-sized gear. But then again, not every catcher’s bags are the same, therefore you need not discontinue searching until you find one comfortable enough.   

When looking for a comfortable catcher’s bag, look out for sturdy handles, wheels, and hooks that can make moving and haulage as easy as possible. 

3. A Good Catcher Bag is Insulated

You might want to ask yourself why do you need an insulated bag? Well, suffice to say that buying an uninsulated catcher’s bag is a waste of money because then your catcher’s bag becomes useless in the rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Some of the questions you need to ask the seller concerning insulation include, how well-insulated is the bag? Will it be able to keep all the gear dry when the weather conditions change? In case it is a fragile bag, chances are the equipment will feel the water’s effects. 

Quality catchers’ bags are made from a variety of materials, like heavy fabric, plastic, or vinyl. They’re generally made of some foam, which is one of the best insulators and is lightweight and flexible.  

What are The Qualities of a Good Catchers Bags4. A Good Catcher’s Bag has Good Wheels:

Another quality to look out for in catchers’ bags is the quality of the wheel. If your bag comes with wheels, how is the quality? Definitely, everyone will want to have a bag that has wheels that can withstand grass, dirt, concrete, rocks, and gravel. 

Therefore, it is essential not to get a cheap wheel that will start wobbling all over the place when it hits its first bump. Well, many catchers are confused as to whether wheels are necessary or not. Though wheels are sophisticated items, you can’t imagine those who have achieved greatness in this field, wheeling their bags around the pack. Yeah? 

Nonetheless, it also doesn’t negate the fact that every good catcher bag comes with wheels. Every catcher should deem it necessary to get a bag with wheels. 

These days, good catcher bags are bought with custom and rugged wheelsets, including additional rubber used to handle challenging situations. As an extra tip, if you’re looking for a bag with wheels, you need to search for one that has raised wheels to save the catchers the need to bend over every time.

5. Good Catcher’s Bags are not Cheap:

Most baseball equipment is expensive, not only for a catcher, it is a challenge that any baseball player faces. But does that mean you should choose an overly cheap and bad bag over the good one that costs more? No! You have to consider spending your allowance in search of a good catcher’s bag. 

Therefore, try saving a catcher’s bag and looking for something affordable but not too cheap or expensive. You don’t find it useful to spend your allowance on this bag and avoid buying the essential baseball players’ equipment. 

6. A Good Catcher Bag has Several Compartments:

Another thing that readily points out a quality catcher’s bag is its several compartments. How many extra add-ons can you find on the inside? Every catcher knows the significance of add-ons because it is in these compartments that the player’s extra possessions are stored. 

Lately, many catcher’s bags have add-ons that give the catchers enough space in the bag to store their other belongings. For instance, some bags come with hooks on the inside of the bag that can be used to hang batting gloves, hats, and water bottles, although these are tiny details but are really important. 

These days, catchers bags come with different compartments to store catcher’s gear like cleats, mitt, practice balls, and any other add-ons. 


Buying a catcher’s bag is one of the most rewarding investments you will ever make as a catcher, so you are required to ensure that you have a quality bag. There are several features of quality catcher’s bags; they include comfortability, various compartments, good wheels, proper insulation, and the right price.