How A Tackling Ring Can Help Your Game Play

Posted on January 02, 2020, 5:56 am
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Rugby is a contact team sport that has catapulted into worldwide fame. It originated at an English school where some boys played football when one of them picked up the ball and ran away with it.

Since then, rugby has become one of the most popular sports in the world with millions of people enjoying it, either by watching professional athletes or playing it themselves. The objective of the game is pretty straightforward – the team with the most points wins. To score, your team has to go through the field and shoot the ball in the opponent’s goal.

If you’re an aspiring rugby player, you can improve your gameplay with a tackling ring. It’s a tool used to practice your offensive moves before practicing with human teammates.

How A Tackling Ring Can Help Your Game Play

The equipment is a massive ring made out of foam and vinyl. Some have additional features, like straps, to secure a ball to practice your grabbing and clutching.

Here are four ways on how a tackling ring can help improve your gameplay:

1. Conduct Drills and Exercises Independently

Sometimes, there are just days when you can’t practice with your teammates. Tackling rings are great for continuing your training without the need to wait for other people’s schedules to clear up.

You just need one friend to help you with your practice sessions. They don’t even need to be players of the game because they merely have to push or position the equipment in various directions to boost your agility and strength.

When choosing a tackling ring, consider these factors:

  • Durability – As with any other product that’ll be used intensively, you should opt for high-quality equipment.

Choose one with foam and vinyl materials that are tough but pliant. This means that the tool should be able to resist your rigorous exercise while offering a cushion for your falls at the same time.

  • Usage – There are various types of tackling rings for different training purposes. Thus, think about your regimen and what moves you want to practice before you purchase this equipment. 

For instance, you can find one that’s specially created for the diving tackle technique. Ideally, it has a wide inner circle that can provide you with enough support as you dive toward it. 

  • Player Age – Another crucial factor to consider is the user’s age. Training programs for adults and kids are different. 

The same principle goes for tackling rings. There’s a range of sizes to choose from to ensure that each player gets ample support and cushioning from the tool.

How A Tackling Ring Can Help Your Game Play2. Improve Your Stamina

Practicing can vastly boost your stamina, which is valuable if you want to play professionally. You can use tackling rings for your interval training programs to improve not just your stamina, but your endurance as well.

Aside from integrating tackling rings into your drills, cardio is also an excellent way of pushing and stretching your body’s limits. Cycling and running are straightforward exercises that you can do to boost your endurance.

3. Enhance Your Timing

Timing is essential in playing rugby. You have to know when to pass the ball to your teammate or to tackle the opponent. Practicing with tackling rings can help you improve this skill through diving.

The direction that the equipment rolls toward can depend on a lot of factors, like the field and the angle, so you get spontaneous outcomes similar to a real game. With this, you can enhance your estimation skills and determine the optimal time to dive toward your opponent.

4. Boost Your Courage and Confidence

Rugby can be an intimidating sport because it entails rough plays with tackles and dives. You can overcome your hesitations and inhibitions by equipping yourself with the necessary skills to succeed in the game.

Practicing with tackling rings can prepare you to tackle and dive toward other human beings. The drills and exercises you can do with the equipment can boost your courage and confidence before you play with your teammates and opponents.


Rugby is a renowned contact sport that’s enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Aspiring athletes can start practicing with tackling rings to improve their gameplay.

The tool allows you to conduct drills and exercises without waiting for your other teammates to be free. It also helps you improve your stamina and timing, particularly in doing tackles and dives. 

Moreover, you get to boost your courage and confidence when you practice with the gear as it equips you with the necessary skills to succeed in the game.

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