Will Wembley not be a football arena anymore?

Posted on April 26, 2018, 3:29 pm
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Do you sometimes have such a day that you think that nothing will surprise you anymore? Are you sitting in the room convinced? All that is going to happen today is behind us? Like an ordinary day when emotions are over. England prepares to sell Wembley stadium for £800m. So, Will Wembley not be a football arena anymore?

I’m not even talking about winning the aileron or covering the other half on betrayal. It can simply be information that has shaken a part of your worldview in a way that you would never have expected. I had it today. Until I did not find out what could happen to the iconic Wembley football.

Will Wembley not be a football arena anymore

The Daily Mail provided information, according to which the Wupble purchase offer was to be influenced by the Football Association. Yes, someone wants to make a national stadium for Englishmen.

After a short reflection, we can say that it is not surprising, maybe some English giant does not want to waste time and build its own arena from scratch. So he submitted such an offer of the English federation.

Well, the problem is that it has been received by the owner of Fulham Shahid Khan and raised as much as 800 million pounds. The price is basically quite normal but a potential buyer is very suspect.

The Cottagers are close to advancing to the Premier League but they do not seem to be able to fill this stadium next season since Tottenham is barely successful. Well, as the source says.

So what? Will he sleep on it? Well, this is where it begins to be abstractive interesting. Apparently, Khan is going to invest in Wembley because he wants his other team, Jacksonville Jaguars, to play on him.

Yes, you read well, the guest wants it to become the home of the NFL team. Is it known for some time now that the Jaguars have to play a show match at Wembley, but the whole season?

The idea seems preposterous. How would an American football team play in London since all other teams have their stadiums in the US?

For Khan, this is not a problem and is allegedly waiting for the NFL authorities to agree. This is unlikely to take place due to obvious logistical problems. Besides, it is unlikely that FA will agree to sell its stadium.

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