Will Chelsea exchange with Real Madrid?

Posted on April 27, 2018, 4:54 pm
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Usually, if the club does not go the way we all would expect, two things happen. First of all, the coach is released.This is a standard procedure. let’s not think about whether it is right or not, because it happens differently.

Secondly, the composition is strengthened. It should be taken into account that poor results were not caused by the trainers but perhaps also by weak or poorly chosen players. Such clubs usually spend the summer transfer window at work and so on in the sweat of the forehead.

It is necessary to carry out these transfers and even if they do not burn out, at least the fans will not blame them for not doing anything. In this situation, Chelsea is now, who will qualify for the Champions League right after the championship season. The Blues, however, may have the biggest problem not with shopping, but with sales.

Will Chelsea exchange with Real Madrid

It has been said for some time now that Real Madrid is interested in Eden Hazard. The Belgian did not want to extend the contract, which expires in two years.

It all the more invaded the Kings. Now they have gained further arguments.  Although Chelsea has a chance to play mathematically, it will almost certainly not qualify for the Champions League and this will also discourage Belg from staying at Stamford Bridge.

It would seem that Chelsea is not stupid and certainly not when it comes to money. We learn from world player site, it may be. Allegedly The Blues are willing to give away Hazard but only on condition that they get Gareth Bale in return.

Although the source does not mention anything about the surcharge, it seems to me that it is so obvious that it was simply implied.

Bale is now worth maybe half of what Hazard, although Transfermarkt pricing the Welshman a bit more generously. Nevertheless, in Real, it would have to pay extra money to the Londoners, not small ones.

Assuming that the Italian media is telling the truth, it does not have to be that way. Why Chelsea Bale? The Welshman sounds good when he is healthy but the problem is that he rarely does.

Why take a guest who will spend half of the season at the physiotherapist? It is better to ask for a huge sum and spend it on someone who is younger and more certain. Then at least Chelsea will remain a football club, not a clinic.

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