The uncertain future of Brazilian Thiago Silva

Posted on April 22, 2018, 3:42 pm
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For years, we have associated the defensive representation of Brazil with one player, Thiago Silva. This player was accompanied by many defenders like Dante and Marquinhos. He remained impassive in composition and thanks to his character we are going to talk about the uncertain future of Brazilian Thiago Silva.

The uncertain future of Brazilian Thiago Silva

Silva is incredibly obstinate and ambitious which makes him not only a great stopwatch but also an outstanding captain. He proves not only the representation of Brazil but also Paris – Saint Germain and before him, he wore an armband in Milan.

His main task is to motivate his companions when they do not see the sense of the game. It is so difficult that the teams he represents usually win so there are very few such moments.

Because of this, if these players already find themselves in them, they really do not know what to do. Silvie has been accused recently that he is no longer able to do this properly. That’s why Parisians may want to say goodbye.

At least that’s what the French media from Le Foot Paris say. Although the Brazilian contract is valid for another two years. His current employers will try to get rid of him now. Any willing ones will not have to worry about the price. Silva will either leave funny money or terminate the contract by mutual agreement and then you can contract it for free.

Despite the thirty-four years on the back of the neck, the Brazilian can still be useful to many teams. Complaining that he cannot grasp his PSG friends is like crying because you will not weld the ship’s hull with a soldering iron.

Parisians have a huge ego, everyone in the locker room, how one man would control all of them since they can not control themselves. In any other team Silva will still be a strong charismatic captain and if someone decides to contact him, he will certainly benefit from it.

Of course, assuming that the source tells us the truth. Do not kid yourself, this is not L’Equipe and some information may have been stretched on the need to the sensation.

Some people may have some grudges against Silva but maybe this is simply exaggerated and the Brazilian will easily survive in the band until the end of his contract and it’s still a success.

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