The Premier League still tempts Lewandowski

Posted on April 15, 2018, 11:44 pm
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The transfer saga of Robert Lewandowski begins to bore us slowly. The Pole has long been connected with Real Madrid and these rumors have not been silent, even if nothing indicated a transfer. The question is still remaining The Premier League still tempts Lewandowski?

The reports got hot when Robert decided to change the agent. Everyone assumed that this was a key moment for all the confusion and Zahavi was contracted just to get Lewandowski from Bayern to pull him into the white Royal T-shirt. The new agent proved to be not only a stimulus for the press from Germany and Spain but also water for the mill for media from other countries.

The Premier League still tempts Lewandowski

The British decided that if Lewandowski’s departure suddenly became so probably why would not he leave one of their Premier League clubs? What, the English are worse or what? Because it’s colder? In any case, the media there began to release information.

Another such information was reported by the Daily Star, which believes that Chelsea was still out of the game for Lewandowski. The source also states that to convince Bayern would have to throw around 70 million pounds on the negotiating table.

It seems that the sum is too small. If Lewywase to go anywhere, he would probably cost around 90 bubbles certainly in euros because in Spain you do not pay with pounds.

There is nothing to worry about these reports. To tell the Daily Star that it is reliable is how to say after Romeo Jozaka’s yesterday’s release that Legia Warszawa is a serious club.

The English are just trying to make a noise and give hope to their club’s supporters that they mean as much as Real Madrid in Europe. None of the teams there have such negotiating possibilities as the Kings certainly not Chelsea, who will play in the Europa League next year.

Lewandowski would have to be heavily intoxicated with gluten to decide to go to The Blues, then let’s not kid yourself, he would make fun of it. So it’s not exciting to let’s have dinner tonight, nothing will be transferred.

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