The Manager of Bayern Munich will be entrusted to Niko Kovac

Posted on April 12, 2018, 6:14 pm
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German media are basically compatible. Both Sportbild and Kicker report that the manager of Bayern Munich will be entrusted to Niko Kovac, the Eintracht Frankfurt coach. It is true that the Croat has a contract that is valid for a year, but his contract includes a buyout clause amounting to only 2.2 million euros. Such money is of course not a problem for the Bavarians and without the slightest scruples, they will transfer it to the Eintracht’s counter.

The Manager of Bayern Munich will be entrusted to Niko Kovac

Jupp Heynckes is a living legend of Bayern Munich. The Germans ran the Bavarians four times for a total of almost eight years. The length of his internship alone does not make him special. This is demonstrated by the results. Heynckes once again built an extremely strong team in Munich. A few years ago he led the team to victory in the Champions League and this year it may also succeed. And it would not be his only trophy this season.

He already managed to secure the German Championship for himself and his team. Winning the Champions League, if he does, he will be his last success in his career. Germany, as we know with the rest from the beginning of his fourth adventure in Bayern retires after the season. There was a long discussion about his possible deputy but now it seems that we know who will take a stool after him.

For some time Kovac has been in the group of favorites to take over this position. Also mentioned were Tuchel but the German is already trapped by PSG. It is difficult to judge the choice of Croat differently than good. His Eintracht goes above average and fights for the Champions League.

In addition, Kovac knows the German ball from the inside. He played in the Bundesliga for almost all his career. He also represented the colors of Bayern through so the club itself is no stranger to him. In fact, the only drawback to his candidacy is that he has never trained such a big club.

However, something tells me that the temper of the Croat will not let the lack of experience in the light of day and will be another manager who will succeed in Munich.

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