Sami Khedira will leave Juventus?

Posted on May 12, 2018, 4:59 pm
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Although this year we probably had the biggest emotions in Serie A in a few years, everything seems to indicate that the end will be the same as always. Napoli fought bravely, but at the last minute did not manage which he used to calculate Juventus. The old lady once again confirms that she is the most fought-playing team in Italy. So, the fan of Juve want to know Sami Khedira will leave Juventus?

It’s all thanks to a suitably deep composition made up of many class players. Of course, there are footballers in this team who stand out exceptionally but the team’s strength is a collective composed of players who can not be seen on the pitch so much.

Sami Khedira will leave Juventus

One of them is Sami Khedira. Germany has had better and worse times in Juventus but there is no doubt that he added more than five cents to all the championships he won with Juventus.

Corrierre dello Sport states that Khedira can leave the Bianconeri ranks in the summer. Apparently, the footballer himself came out with this initiative and told the board about his plans.

Daily Mirror claims that the German is already willing. Liverpool would be his new employer. We do not know exactly how much the helper would cost but we can expect an amount of around 25 – 30 million euros. It is more or less valued by Transfermarkt.

Liverpool will need a midfielder because, after the end of this season Emre Can leaves who will be credited with Juventus. It is not out of the question that Khedira wants to escape from Turin because he is afraid of competition from his younger countryman.

For sure at the beginning of the season, Can get more minutes on the pitch at the expense of his older friend. It is no wonder that Khedira is trying to avoid this and Liverpool will be the perfect place because there will be a place for him there.

By the way, if it turns out to be true, Liverpool should get the award for the best business shark. Give the young German for free, buy the older one for 30 bubbles.

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