Pep Guardiola and Liverpool can be punished by UEFA

Posted on April 11, 2018, 4:11 pm
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Last week was one of the worst in Pep Guardiola’s career. It all started with a surprisingly high defeat against Liverpool. Although there were certainly more than a few spectators at Liverpool on this aggregate, the ones who expected such a demolition at Etihad Stadium were genuinely few. So Pep Guardiola and Liverpool can be punished by UEFA.

Pep Guardiola and Liverpool can be punished by UEFA

The Citizens Manager Guardiola was sent off after confronting the referee on the pitch during half-time

However, this is just one match, right? In addition to Saturday, Citizens were to secure the England Championship. It was at the expense of their local rivals.  Manchester City unfortunately completely spit and give it a shot despite the enormity of the situation. Guardiola hoped that this dramatic week would end with a happy ending and repay Liverpool for the demolition. The Reds won 1-2, and the Spaniard was thrown into the stands.

According to the BBC, UEFA initiated proceedings regarding the Spaniard. Guardiola was accused of communicating with his staff despite the ban. UEFA regulations clearly say that a manager thrown out from the sideline has no right to contact both footballers and members of his training team not only directly but also indirectly.

Guardiola, who had spent the entire second half in the stands allegedly somehow sent information to his staff so that they could straighten the Citizens on the pitch. The Spaniard is in danger of being suspended in future UEFA competition meetings or in a more lenient case financial penalty. The case will be resolved on May 31.

It is also worth remembering why Guardiola was in the stands at all. In the 41st minute, the referee wrongly failed to recognize the goal scored by Leroy Sane. The referee whistled the offender, although this did not happen because Milner gave the ball to Sane, not the Citizen. It enraged Guardiola so much that just after the whistle announcing the end of the first half he ran to the judge and did not spare him courtesy. Lahoz decided to expel him to the tribune immediately.

There is no doubt that this decision drove the last nail into the City coffin. Can you justify Guardiola in this situation? I think so. At the moment of such emotions, the nerves can let anyone especially that the referee makes a mistake that may affect your promotion.

In any case regardless of the suspension this season the Guardiola Champions League will not happen already on the sideline. Whether it will do it at the beginning of the next, it will turn out on May 31.

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