Neymar faced injury but Richarlison presented a gift

Posted on November 21, 2018, 1:12 am
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Most of the teams are playing international friendly matches in recent time and South American giant Brazil is not so behind. Two weeks are a gap for the international schedule and later, the regular league season will resume again. So, team Brazil is using their full power to beat their opponent. Just like before, in an international friendly match, Brazil faced Cameroon where Brazil won by 1 – 0 goal. The only goal was scored by Richarlison. The top star and most valuable player Neymar was also in the squad but in 7th minutes of the game, he suffered from injury and replaced by the player Richarlison. So, it seemed that Neymar faced injury but Richarlison presented a gift to him as well as the Brazil national team.

Neymar faced injury but Richarlison presented a giftAt the Stadium MK in England in the friendly match, there was a record audience and the number of them was 39,669. They went to the stadium to enjoy the game of Brazilian poster boy Neymar but their hearts were broken as well as like the fans of Brazil. In Tuesday night at the beginning of the game, in 7th minutes Neymar left the ground with an injury. Finally, the PSG star Neymar was replaced by Richarlison and the player did not wait to repay his debt to the coach Tite. He presented an expensive gift to the national team as well as his national teammate. Richarlison is the most expensive player in English club Everton and with his only goal, the apprentices of Tite left the ground with 1 – 0 victory. Including the match, Brazil tested the victories consecutive six times so far.

By losing the most valuable player Neymar, Brazil stumbled at the beginning of the match. But, they did not want to make the rest of the team suffer so much. They got used to it within a short time. They dominated the whole match with ball possession, attack and so on. But the lackings of Neymar was felt by all of the team like Firmino, Willian and others. Team Brazil took total 23 shots to the opponent goal post but only nine of them was in the target and so, it was clear that the team missed Neymar all the time.

Cameroon is one of the most strong teams in Africa and they had a talented goalkeeper and most of the time, he saved the team against Brazil. Besides, the random attacking division of Brazil was one of the main reason that the South American team continuously missed the chance.

In 21st minutes of the game, the first shot of Paulinho was stopped by the goalkeeper Onana. 44th minutes of the game, Brazilian midfielder Allan took a shot but in exchange for a corner, it was stopped. In 45th minutes of the game, from the corner Willian took an amazing shot and touched by Richarlison, it found the net. Finally, the game ended with 1 – 0 goal and team Brazil took their 6th consecutive victories so far.

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