Barca’s Number 8 Iniesta confirms plan to leave at end of season

Posted on April 28, 2018, 2:23 pm
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Andres Iniesta Lujan or Andres Iniesta is a Spanish midfielder and since his professional club career, he is playing for Spanish giants Barcelona. And now, he is the captain of the most powerful team so far. on Friday’s news conference Andres Iniesta confirms plan to leave at end of the season, in front of  Barca’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu, coach Ernesto Valverde and teammates all present. 

 Barca 8 Iniesta confirms plan to leave at end of the season

Though at the starting, he played with Barcelona B team since 2002, he joined the main team and till now an inseparable part of the team. But as stated in the recent report, he would not be a part of Camp Nou anymore.

Yesterday at the press conference he revealed his secret when the coach of the team, chairman and his teammates were present. He could not stop his tears in the meantime. But he also added that Iniesta gave all to Barcelona and he has nothing more to give. It would be the best to move on now.

Andres Iniesta thought that he did all of his Barcelona according to his capability. And now he fears that in near future he could not provide his best performance for the club and so, he wants to close his coloured career with Barcelona.

In last Friday at the press briefing, Iniesta revealed that at the end of the running season, he is going to leave the Camp Nou. This Spanish midfielder also revealed that he does not want to be the opponent to his favourite club Barcelona and so, he is not going to play for any European clubs. He stated that in the upcoming season, he would move to the Chinese Super League in the upcoming season.

In last October, he made a lifetime agreement with his club Barcelona but despite being such agreement, why he wants to leave the club and the 33 years old Iniesta also answered the question. He told that it was a decision which is taken after a long time. It was not easy to say goodbye.

All have known that Iniesta is an honest player and also honest with his club. He was capable of giving his best to the club but now, he is getting older and a difficult time has come when he would fail to give his best. So, he thinks that it is time to move.

He knows that he is already crossed at the age of 33. He did everything on the field as well as his club Barca. Though he still able to do his best but in near future, his capability would be questionable and before that he wants to say goodbye.

In the ongoing season, he is playing well with the club. In last Copa del Rey final, he scored one goal against Sevilla where his team Barca beat Sevilla by 5 – 0 goals. By playing the 16th season with Barca, Iniesta won 31st titles.

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