Former Arsenal captain will take over the club after Wenger

Posted on April 19, 2018, 12:42 pm
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The last tens of hours have been the influx of a huge number of rumours about the new manager of Chelsea. No wonder, in the end, The Blues are playing very poorly. Of course, something has to be done about it. However, it must not be forgotten that this is not the only band from London who plays much worse than would be expected of him. I mean, how else, Arsenal. Is Former Arsenal captain will take over the club after Wenger?

Patrick Vieira Former Arsenal captain will take over the club after Wenger

However, the gunners have been disappointing since the beginning of the season so the change of the manager of this club has been very vivid for several months now. In moments when the Gunners reach some short series of victories these rumours are silent, but they are still very valid.

The names that were in the wake of replacing Wenger were obviously very loud but in fact, none of them excited the Gunners like the ones that appeared in the press today.

The Daily Mail reports that Patrick Vieira is interested in the job of an Arsenal manager and the club will be happy to consider his candidacy. It is true that the Frenchman is still a New York City trainer and his contract is valid until the end of this calendar year but this should not be a problem for both sides if they actually want to.

Interestingly, the name Vieira passed through this media for a moment this year but the matter quickly subsided. L’Equipe asked him if he would be interested in this job. The Frenchman said that not now, although one day it is possible. In an interview, Vieira was very flattering about Wenger and said he had too much respect for him to say something about a possible job.

The Frenchman is a man who knows Arsenal from the inside out. No other candidate knows as much about the club as he does. This can be crucial when rebuilding a club.

Besides, the fans would certainly give him a bigger margin of error than either Jardim or Allegri. Not only that Wenger himself would have anointed him. The Frenchman certainly would rather be replaced by his former fighter and not someone with whom he crossed his gloves. I think that this risk is worth taking.

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