Brazilian left back Filipe Luis with a great transfer

Posted on August 20, 2018, 6:40 am
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Atletico Madrid has not always been a great club. For many years Rojiblancos were one of several teams that cleaned shoes Barcelona and Real, but could not make a fight with them. That changed when Diego Simeone came to the club. The Argentine built a great team and at the first stage of its construction based it on several important pillars.

One of them was Filipe Luis. The Brazilian was an extremely solid left defender, who had one very important skill, namely a supernatural sense of joining the offensive. The Brazilian could do it at the perfect moment, resulting in repeatedly posing a threat, but he never left a hole in the back.

Brazilian left back Filipe Luis with a great transferGreat performances made Chelsea report to the Brazilian. Luis then decided to go to the conquest of the Premier League, but there they did not really get to know him.

Filipe played worse, but also probably because it was badly used. In any case, his adventure with British football ended after the season, because he decided to return to Madrid. Since then, he has been performing at Atletico again and is still in a great shape. Soon it can change.

There was another chance for him to transfer to a gigantic club. This time it would be Paris Saint – Germain. According to Marc, the Parisians have already contacted the player and the club, and with the first, they even reached a preliminary agreement. He would sign a three-year contract.

It is not known, however, how many French Champions would pay Rojiblancos for their left defender. This can only be estimated. The Brazilian is already 33 years old and his contract expires in a year. We can therefore assume that its price will not even reach a two-digit value.

The French are very keen on this transfer because on the left side of the defensive they only have a chimeric windstorm. Filipe Luis would give me the calmness needed in those areas.

In addition, the French Masters have very good experience in bringing back elderly, Brazilian defenders, so Luis’s choice is not surprising. The only question is, will Filipe want to combine something with his career in the old days? Now he has much less to lose than before transfer to Chelsea, so why not take advantage.


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