Dembele will leave as soon as he came

Posted on April 15, 2018, 10:40 pm
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Coming of Ousman Dembele to Barcelona would be the biggest controversy of the last summer transfer window if it was not for Neymar. The Brazilian, by his behavior and dragging the transaction, stole the show. So the Frenchman could not beat him even with his extremely childish behavior. So today’s topic  Dembele will leave as soon as he came?

Dembele will leave as soon as he came

A young winger reached his destination and forced a transfer to the Duma of Catalonia on Borussia. His adventure at Camp Nou did not start with his thoughts. Instead of conquering Spain jumping from the momentum in Neymar’s shoes, he suffered an injury that eliminated him from the game for a long time.

As a result, he has only one goal this season. His premiere hit the rest of the place quite recently in a match against Chelsea during the meeting of the one-eighth final. Such a course of affairs, as well as the pressure increase over the French man.

According to even Bild. The German press believes that the Frenchman does not feel comfortable in Barcelona, which may result in a change in color.

The source quotes Arsenal as a potential buyer of the still-present Blaugrana. The issue of a very interesting price remains for the Frenchman. The boy was injured, he is a dud and the cost a fortune. No one in his right mind will pay for him so much that Barca will not lose him.

On the other hand, Barcelona does not need to sell it for less, if there is still a chance that the winger will play and maybe even pay off. If he works with the team calmly and he protects himself from injury nothing prevents him from conquering the next season.

I omit the fact that combining it with Gunners is pointless. The only argument of Arsenal is that Dembele would easily fit in with them. However, he will not get the level of sport that he is experiencing in Catalonia in London.

He will turn the Champions League into the Europa League unless the Gunners win the second game. Then their chances of bringing a Frenchman will increase slightly but I still would not consider them to be rationally large.

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