Cristiano Ronaldo scores as Juventus beat Fiorentina by 3 – 0

Posted on December 02, 2018, 2:08 am
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Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional football player and he played for a couple of reputed clubs in his professional career. Most surprisingly, he was quite successful with them all. Cristiano is now playing for Juventus and with them in the last Serie A match, Cristiano Ronaldo scores as Juventus beat Fiorentina by 3 – 0.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores as Juventus beat Fiorentina by 3 - 0Cristiano Ronaldo played with Premier League club Manchester United and got his first Ballon d’Or there. Later, he joined with the Spanish Real Madrid and with them he won rest four Ballon d’Or so far. Now, he is playing with Serie A top-flight Juventus and in the inaugural season, he has also started to score goals there. So, he is called as the goal machine actually. In the last of Juventus which was against Fiorentina, Juventus was not able to play as expected. But, they used the chances and so at the end of the match, the apprentices of Massimiliano Allegri left the ground with a big victory.

At the Stadio Artemio Franchi which is the home venue of Fiorentina, in last Saturday afternoon, the consecutive seven times winner of Serie A Juventus won the match by 3 – 0 goals. In the ongoing season of Serie A, Juventus is still undefeated but in the last match, they failed to show their full strength. In the 2nd minutes of the game, they were about to fall behind. The shot of Benassi went outside of the goalpost and the title holder was saved.

In 25th minutes of the game, from the right side the cross of De Sciglio was touched by the Fiorentina player’s hand and so, Juventus applied for the penalty. But with the help of VVR, referee cancelled the appeal. Just a few minutes later, Ronaldo was fallen into the box and once again Juventus appealed for the penalty but referee cancelled it once more.

In 31st minutes of the game, Bentancur led the guest team ahead with an amazing attack. Dybala assisted this time and he passed the ball into the box and the Uruguayan midfielder scored the goal. Just after the first half, the local team started to keep pressure to the opposing defense. But the failure of the attacking division, they could not test the Polish goalkeeper. In the opposite way, the guest team Juventus got the control of the match scoring two more goals.

In 69th minutes of the game, Cuadrado made a cross and Chiellini took a sliding shot. Ronaldo went there and tried to head the ball but failed. The ball went to the net, however. In 77th minutes of the game, with a successful spot-kick, Ronaldo secured the game. Into the box, Fiorentina player was touched the ball by hand and so, Juventus got the penalty.

In the debut season in Serie A, Ronaldo has already scored 10 goals and with the team Juventus, he has scored 11 goals so far. However, by playing 14 matches, with 13 victories Juventus is holding the top position with 40 points.

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