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Posted on April 15, 2018, 2:19 pm
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All about Copa America 2019 Brazil: What teams are still in the Copa America? Who won last year’s Copa America? Is the Copa America every year? CONMEBOL confirm fixtures which consist of 16 teams and six confederations Spain, France, Portugal, Italy News

Copa America 2019 will be the 46th episode of this biggest football competition in South America which will start in next June 2019. There are plenty of rooms have to pass to start the next episode of Copa America 2019. The Copa America 2019 Brazil schedule is yet to disclose.

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Generally, Copa America used to be staged in every four years but last centenary season of CA, the organizer broke the rules and CA was staged consecutive two years were one in 2015 and one in 2016. Due to the fill up of hundred years, CA was staged in 2016 as the Centenario event.

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The upcoming 46th season of Copa America will be hosted in Brazil where Chile will participate as a defending Champion. In last Centenario event of CA 2016, Chile defeated Argentina by penalty shootout though, Argentina defeated Chile in the group stage. However, the Copa America 2019 Brazil schedule is given below.

Copa America 2019 Brazil Schedule

Match No. Date Time Day Play Between Venue

[After the schedule releasing, you can find the update here.]

According to Last Season Schedule of Copa America, the Possible Start Date of CA 2019 – June/July, 2019

The schedule of Copa America 2019 Brazil will be available at the beginning of 2019 and according to the previous season, the Copa America competition used to start in June and the duration of the event would be one month.

Copa America is continental championship which is organized by CONMEBOL. Total sixteen teams will compete in the upcoming season of CA 2019 where ten teams from CONMEBOL and rest six teams from different confederations. CONMEBOL teams are confirmed already. But, rest six teams are yet to be finalised. Let’s see the details teams list.

Teams Copa America 2019

  • CONMEBOL Teams: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile (Current Champion), Brazil (Host).
  • Other Confederations Teams: TBD.

According to the above statistics, the upcoming season of CA will be taken place in Brazil and so, they are qualified as the host nation. Besides, Chile is the defending champion of CA 2016. Rest eight teams have also qualified.

Copa America is the biggest event and also regarded as top largest men’s football competition. Argentina is the 2nd most successful team in this tournament. They have won total fourteenth season of CA where Uruguay is the most successful team by winning the highest 15th title of it.

But, considering the host nation, Argentina hosted highest nine times of the competition. But Brazil hosted total four times but including the upcoming season, they will host total five times of CA.

In last time, CA was hosted in the United States for the first time in history where Argentina participated as the hot favourite. They played the group stage well and faced no defeat and moved to the next stage as the group champion. But in final, their opponent was Chile and they faced defeat consecutive two times in CA final against Chile.

In the final of CA 2015, they were defeated against Chile by the penalty and in the following next season of CA 2016, they faced the same fate. So, in the upcoming season, team Argentina would take the episode more serious. But, considering the schedule of Copa America 2019 Brazil, we have to wait.

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