Champions League semi final entering a decisive phase 2018

Posted on April 24, 2018, 3:59 pm
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Champions League semi final: Liverpool screamed into a five-goal lead in thrilling style and the quest for Champions League glory continues with the first leg of their semi-final with AS Roma at Anfield.Bayern Munich – Real Madrid –  A great duel of POWERFUL teams with POWERFUL footballers in the squad

The Champions League is entering a decisive phase – it’s time for the Champions League semi final. The first of them will take place today and the second one tomorrow. The pairs are probably the most interesting and the most even possible. Today’s form of announcements due to the decisive phase of the games, I decided to change something – enrich and diversify.

Champions League semi final entering a decisive phase 2018

In addition to my observations about this bi-compound, there will also be fans’ opinions on all 4 teams. Therefore without unnecessary extension – we’re going!

Champions League Semi final Liverpool – Roma 

Match for many considered to be the less-worthy semifinal. However – is it for sure? Let us remind you that both clubs would have to go through a very hard road to get here. It’s not like Benfica, Anderlecht, Dynamo or Bayer Leverkusen were on the way.

None of these things – Roma on the way to the semi-final defeated Shakhtar (who threw from LM vice-leader Serie A, Napoli) and the new Spanish champion – Barcelona, and Liverpool dealt with the Portuguese champion – FC Porto (which in LM dismissed with a letter in the RB group Leipzig and AS Monaco) and Manchester City – the New England champion.

However, the favourite of this tie is Liverpool. He seems to have simply better players in his composition. However, let’s not be fooled – Barcelona also had better players and today is already out of the Champions League. It will be interesting here!

Final Result – Liverpool 5 – 2 Roma (Full Time)

Bayern Munich – Real Madrid

A great duel of POWERFUL teams with POWERFUL footballers in the squad, who only hunt for this season to win the most prestigious club trophy for themselves and their team.

It seems to me that this clash does not need to be advertised at all, it is enough to simply look at the names of the clubs that will face each other.If anyone has any doubts as to whether it is worth it, we answer – yes, it’s worth it.

I personally consider the King’s favorites to be favourites, who are much more tempered (on the way to the semi-final they had to play with teams like Tottenham, Borussia, PSG and Juventus, while Bayern had to deal with such “tuzami” as Celtic, Anderlecht, Besiktas and Sevilla).

However, this may not have a major impact on the result of this two-tie – it may turn out that all these matches did not translate into greater hardening but simply for greater fatigue (especially since we have the end of the season). So I judge the chances here for 55-45 for Real but I absolutely do not receive anything from Bayern who is again great for Heynckes.

And that would be enough! The sentence which man speaks to you most? Which match will you think is better? Do you expect any surprise in one of them or maybe even a pogrom?

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Above all – who in your opinion will play in the final in Kiev? Let me know in the comments.

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