Getting Hyped Up For the 2019 Belmont Stakes Run For The Carnations

Posted on May 17, 2019, 3:44 am
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Getting Hyped Up For the 2019 Belmont Stakes Run For The Carnations

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The legendary U.S Triple Crown Series is yet to unfold a few days from now. This is the grandest celebration of horse racing showdown exposing the mightiest and strongest horse racers across the country vying for Grade 1 Stakes category. All horse racers joining the said event are three-year-old thoroughbred racers which were fully trained by their trainers and jockeys respectively.

As the Triple Crown season this year comes to its nearing date, a lot of horse racing fans are now on their feet finalizing their list of bets to have a good time in wagering. You may also check TVG picks for the latest odds and entries about the Belmont Stakes horse racers. By the way, the U.S Triple Crown Series is composed of three major horse racing legs. The Kentucky Derby is the most attended horse racing show will kick-off on May 4, 2019, in Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky.

Next to the derby is the Preakness Stakes. This is the middle jewel of the Triple Crown Series which will come off on June 8, 2019, two weeks after the Kentucky Derby in the race track of Pimlico Park, Baltimore, Maryland. Lastly, the final and the most exciting leg of the Triple Crown showdown is the Belmont Stakes. It is the most exciting horse racing out of the three because it holds the most prestigious title declaring who the real Triple Crown winner would be.

That being said, the Belmont Stakes will follow after the Preakness Stakes. It is scheduled to commence on June 8, 2019, in Elmont Park, New York. Last year’s Triple Crown was clinched by Justify, a three-year-old colt fully trained by the Hall of Fame Trainer, Bob Baffert. Looking back into the rich history of Belmont Stakes from the time it was inaugurated, this year’s celebration will mark its 150th anniversary. A truly amazing achievement that any horse racing organization has ever achieved.

Actually, if you look back and check the records of the first ever Belmont Stakes winner, it was a filly or a female horse who edged as the Belmont Stakes superhero way back in 1867. Her name was Ruthless who had shown excellent strength and stamina inside the race track of the Bronx where the first Belmont racing was held. Also, way back in 1890, the venue of Belmont Stakes was moved to Morris Park not until it finds its new location which was in Elmont Park, Belmont, New York in 1905.

Today, the Elmont Park deems the stable racing home of the Belmont Stakes where it can hold at least 50, 000 to 90,000 crowd. Actually, this year’s edition of the Belmont Stakes is more exciting compared to last year and that the Belmont Stakes organization is looking to a bigger crowd this year.

As the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes about to come off very soon, the Belmont Stakes is a perfect venue for all bettors to wage for their favorite Triple Crown hopefuls. In fact, the prizes to be given away on al betting games for these three horse racing showdown are big so as the Belmont Stakes.

In the past, the Belmont Stakes organization has recorded a total of 13 Triple Crown winners and this year might add another crown to be given away. As mentioned, it was Justify who got the crown last year and Bob Baffert is looking for another victory this year. That said, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes hopefuls Game Winner and Roadster are just some of Baffert’s entries that had earned a lot of positive reviews from the horse racing community and has gotten the most favorite votes to win the Triple Crown this year.

While this may be true, it is also expected that all horse racers which will be joining the Belmont Stakes competition this year will have the face the toughest challenges in Belmont race track before they can be declared as true winners. The Belmont race course is the longest compared to Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. This entails a true test of stamina, strength, and agility proving the worth of the much deserve 2019 Belmont Stakes winner and the 2019 Triple Crown superstar.

Also, to some that might have not known, before a horse racer should be declared as the Triple Crown champion, he must be a real winner is the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.  So, when a colt had made an excellent finish in the “Run For The Roses” and “Run For The Blacked-Eyed Susans” being the first place finisher, he must also win as first place in the “Run For The Carnations” to be able to get the Triple Crown title. Take note that when a colt is declared as a Triple Crown, the glory and prestige is not only for the horse racer, but it also goes to the owner, the jockey, and most especially to the trainer.

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