Barcelona is the defending champion in La Liga and one of the two most successful team there. They have reclaimed the top position on La Liga point table 2018/19 and yesterday, they played a La Liga match against a lower ranked team named Rayo Vallecano. They were about to lose the points but finally, they turned around and left the ground with complete three points. Barcelona beat Rayo dramatically in La Liga yesterday where Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez scored two goals.

Barcelona beat Rayo dramatically in La LigaBarcelona is the top powerful team in La Liga and this season, they are going to hold the throne. They started the season well and still holding the top position. Considering them, Rayo is a less powerful team but yesterday they played really well.

They were about to win the match but finally did not. The apprentices of Ernesto Valverde left the ground with the victory.

At the home venue of Rayo Vallecano on Saturday night in the competition of La Liga, through the pair of goals of Luis Suarez, Barcelona won the match by 3 – 2 goals. In 11th minutes of the game, with luck, Barcelona went ahead.

From the left side, Jordi Alba went to the box and made a cutback to Suarez. He took the certain shot but it touched to the Rayo player and went to the net. So, Barcelona took control of the match in just 11th minutes of the game.

Since then Rayo Vallecano started to play very aggressively. In 35th minutes of the game, they got the most demanded goal and returned to the game. From the 25 yards distances, Spanish midfielder Jose Angel Pozo scored the goal.

In 41st minutes of the game, with the support of Rafinha, Suarez went to the box and took a close shot but it was stopped by the goal post and so, just before the break, Barcelona could not take the lead of the match. The first half ended with a 1 – 1 goal.

In the 6th minutes of the 2nd half, Rafinha got the chance but his shot was missed. After that coach replaced him with French forward Dembele. On the other hand, Alvaro Garcia who was also replaced for the local team led his team Rayo ahead scoring a goal in 57th minutes.

So, Barcelona went behind and lost control of the game but they dominated considering the ball possession. But at the end of the game, the picture got changed. Dembele scored a goal and Barcelona returned to the game.

Finally, Suarez secured the game by scoring the winning goal. It was the 9th goal of the Uruguayan forward in the season of La Liga. By playing 11 matches, with seven victories and three draws, Barcelona achieved 24 points.

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