Atletico Madrid will take the hardest work to stop Griezmann

Posted on April 12, 2018, 5:26 pm
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Antoine Griezmann is currently one of the best players in the world. It is no wonder that at the moment when he is connected to some other club, the rumor turns into a transfer saga. However, the player does not quite like it himself. Although the topic of writing Atletico Madrid will take the hardest work to stop Griezmann.The Frenchman has recently made it clear that he does not intend to be in the transfer center of the storm in the nearest window.

Atletico Madrid will take the hardest work to stop Griezmann

The forwarder said that to the World Cup, which will start before the official opening of the window, he wants to know for sure where he will play next season. Griezmann wants to focus on the Mundial and in Russia, the show will be the only topic that will bother him. Possible buyers must be in a hurry. Atletico does not intend to simplify the situation, he is preparing to bring his heaviest guns.

Daily Mirror reports that Rojiblancos already have a plan to keep the Frenchman in their ranks. He is brilliant in his simplicity. They are preparing a raise but according to the English source, it is to be huge. Los Colchoneros are to put a contract in front of him, on which he will see a weekly fee of up to 300,000 pounds a week. The Frenchman earns two-thirds of it now. Raise for one hundred wheels?

Yes, it sounds but I would not think it would look good as well. Atletico extended the deal with Griezmann last summer also giving him a raise. Already that contract made the Frenchman become the best-paid player of Los Colchoneros, right next to Koke.

If the reports were to be true he would now receive much more than the aforementioned Spanish favorite of all Atletico. Apart from the fact that it would cost the club huge amounts of money, it could cause some clashes in the locker room and in the stands.

After all, Rojiblancos are known for being present winning and losing as a collective. Both the authorities and Simeone do not want this to change, so they probably will not decide on such a hike for the Frenchman.

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