Arsenal made amazing draw against Liverpool in EPL (3-3)

Posted on December 28, 2017, 7:53 am
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At the home ground of Arsenal, Liverpool went ahead by two goals and went close to the victory. But the Gunners turned around and scored more goals than the Reds. So, it seemed the team of Arsene Wenger could win the match. But the match between them finally finished with an amazing draw. Arsenal made amazing draw against Liverpool yesterday at Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal made amazing draw against Liverpool sportseon

In last Friday at Emirates Stadium, Arsenal made a draw against Liverpool by 3 – 3 goals. At the opponent home ground, Liverpool took the lead of the match at 26th minutes of the game when Philippe Coutinho scored the first goal of the match. Salah passed the ball which was touched by an opponent defender and so, the Brazilian midfielder made his mark by head. Stopper missed to stop the ball. Most amazingly the first half finished with 1 – 0 goal.

2nd half started very amazingly when both teams started to attack and attack. At the 7th minutes of the 2nd half just outside from the box, Salah made a strong shot and so, they increased the goal difference double. In the ongoing season of Premier League, the Egyptian forward scored highest fifteen goals which is the highest in EPL till now.

Team Arsenal went behind by two goals and they turned around amazingly. Within five minutes, they scored three goals and took control of the match completely.

In 53rd minutes of the game, Arsenal reduced the difference by the goal of Sanchez. Sanchez scored the first goal by his head. Just three minutes after from 25 yards, Xhaka made a speedy shot and got the 2nd goal. So, Arsenal made the balance with the Reds. Swiss midfielder Xhaka made the shot and goalkeeper Mignolet tried to stop that and his also touched the ball but could not stop it successfully. Just two minutes after the 2nd goal, Mesut Ozil led the Gunners ahead by scoring the 3rd goal. Lacazette assisted Ozil to score this very important goal.

However, Arsenal was about to lose the match but after the 3rd goal, they though to win the match. But, picture was not finished by then. In 71st minutes of the game, Emre Can passed the ball to Roberto Firmino and he found his mark for the Reds once again. So, the match finished with draw by 3 – 3 goals.

Through the draw, by playing 19 matches Liverpool achieved 35 points. They are in 4th position on the point table. With 1 point behind, Arsenal is in 5th position so far.