Real Madrid which is the most successful club in Spain as well as Europe but in the ongoing season, it seems that they just forgot to get the victory. Finally, in the last match, 5 Talking points – Real Madrid La Liga 1st win over Real Valladolid. The 82nd minutes of the game, Real was ahead n the game. Though the score was even but considering the play, Real was in better condition.

5 Talking points Real Madrid La Liga 1st win over Real ValladolidNo, it was not the local Real but the team was Real Valladolid. Even at the home venue of Real Madrid, Valladolid played well and dominated the ground. Under the guidance interim coach, Real did not seem real. They were so dull. At the end of the attacking division, they lost temper and they were the same in their last game as well.

But within the five minutes, the fate was changed. At the home venue of Real Madrid, they beat Valladolid by 2 – 0 goals and so finally they felt comfortable.

Julen Lopetegui was the last manager of team Real Madrid and under his guidance, Real Madrid forgot to win. In the ongoing season of La Liga, they made a hat-trick of losing the matches. They failed to win consecutively five matches so far.

However, now under the interim coach Solari, they got victories consecutive two times so far. But like their competition in Copa del Rey, they had to play till the last to get the victory. And the match against Real Valladolid was not easy but seemed quite harder than thought.

For the team like Real Madrid which has Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Luca Modric, Toni Kroos, Marco and Isco like players, the situation was hardly accepted.

Real Madrid La Liga 1st win over Real ValladolidIn the 4th minutes of the game, Real failed to use the opportunity. From the left side, Marco Asensio passed the ball and Benzema went to the box and made a conakry shot which went outside of the goalpost. Just a few minutes later, Benzema made the head direct to the goalkeeper and so, they did not go ahead.

Since the beginning of the 2nd half, the match became so contesting. In 56th minutes of the game, the shot of Benzema escaped the goalkeeper but failed to find the net.

In return ball, Casimiro made the shot but the Spanish goalkeeper Jordi Masip stopped the ball amazingly. Within a couple of minutes, Real Madrid was saved fortunately twice times so far. Finally, in 83rd minutes of the game, Real Madrid went ahead, fortunately.

However, in 88th minutes if the game, Real got a penalty and the skipper of the team Sergio Ramos scored the goal from the penalty. Into the box, French forward Benzema was fouled and the referee gave the penalty to the Real Madrid. By playing 11 matches with five victories and two draws, Real Madrid achieved 17 points so far.

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