Treveon Graham Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

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Treveon Graham is 25 years old professional basketball player who plays for Brooklyn Nets. He plays as Shooting Guard (SG) and Small Forward (SF) both. Together with these two positions known as the Swingman. Treveon Graham is able to move his position in a game, besides his main responsibility is to score points. Through playing basketball Treveon Graham earns a lot of money. This earning money helps to calculate the exact amount of his net worth. This article is all about Treveon Graham net worth and Salary Overview.

Treveon Graham Net Worth And Salary

Treveon Graham Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

2019 Treveon Graham Net Worth $3.4 Million

In the year 2015, Treveon Graham started his professional career. So, in the last 4 years, he earns much money. The overview of Treveon Graham’s net worth and earnings is given below,

Treveon Graham Net Worth: $3.4 Million

Treveon Graham Current Salary: $1512601

Treveon Graham is not a higher-paid player as Allen Crabbe. But he is the 17th best-paid player in Brooklyn Nets and 399th best paid NBA player. His total net worth is $ Million. His current salary is $ 1512601 which he gets from Brooklyn Nets. He remains 170th best paid Shooting Guard (SG) in 2018.

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Different Website Salary

According to playerswiki, Treveon Graham gets $ 1512601 in 2018 and his projected salary will be $ 1645357 for the season 2019-2020.

hoopshype, Treveon earned total $ 3443683 in his entire NBA career and in current season he gets $ 1512601 and become the 11th best-paid player in the year 2018.

spotrac, Treveon earns $ 75000 in the 2015-2016 season, $ 543471 in the season 2016-2017, $ 1312611 in the season 2017-2018 and $ 1512601 in the current season.

thesquander, Treveon Graham salary in 2018 is around $ 1.3 Million.

Biography of Treveon Graham

Treveon Graham is a young and energetic player who born in 23rd October 1993, Washington D.C. Tommy Graham and Katrina Graham is his parents. He is a fantastic player with 6 feet 5 inch tall and 120 kg weight.

Treveon attended St. Mary’s Ryken High School and Virginia Commonwealth University. He completed his graduation in 2015. After completing graduation, he joined into the professional career.

Treveon Graham Career Analysis

Treveon Graham’s career started from his high school. When he was a high school student his scoring average was 12 rebounds and 21.5 points per game. At college career, he did not give his best performance in his very first season.

But in second season his scoring average was 5.8 rebounds and 15.1 points. In season2014-2015, Graham affected by a lingering ankle injury besides his average was 7.1 rebounds and 16.2 points. In his college career, his total scoring average was 5.8 rebounds and 13.4 points.

In 17th August 2015, Graham joined Utah Jazz, later he joined Idaho Stampede as an affiliate player. He played 46 games there and averaged 6.1 rebounds, 15.7 points, and 1.6 assists. On 26th July 2016, he joined Charlotte Hornets. His top score was 14 points in Charlotte Hornets. After 1 year he joined Brooklyn Nets and till now he plays for Brooklyn Nets.

Personal Life of Treveon Graham

There is less information about Graham’s personal life. His house, wife, and children all are unknown. He has some followers in social media but its all around 12k.

Treveon Graham can be an important player like Allen Crabbe. He has some extra quality to being exceptional in basketball. No website has exact news about his net worth but we make a calculation and find current Treveon Graham Net Worth $3,443,683. His Proper exercise and training can make him a skilled Shooting Guard.

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