Toronto Raptors Players Salaries 2019 And Contracts

Posted on January 03, 2019, 4:29 am
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Toronto Raptors is a franchise team in National Basketball Association or NBA which is actually a Canadian professional team in the competition. The team Toronto Raptors represents Toronto, Ontario in the NBA competition. It is a member of the Eastern Conference of the Atlantic Division. Toronto Raptors is considered as one of the newbie franchise teams in NBA which was founded in 1995 and one of the expansion teams, it used to take part in NBA competition. In the tournament, Toronto Raptors is the only one Canadian-based franchise team so far. Now, we would like to present the Toronto Raptors players salaries considering the recent time.

Toronto Raptors Players Salaries 2019 And Contracts

Toronto Raptors Players

Toronto Raptors used to spend a very handsome amount to collect top-rated NBA players and they have given the multi-million contract to the number of players in the squad. If we consider the highest paid players in the squad, there are a number of players earning a huge amount. We must admit the names of Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka and Kawhi Leonard. Besides, there are also some players more and earning a good amount like Danny Green.

The current team squad of Toronto Raptors consists of sixteen players and here we present the complete salary details of the players below.

Toronto Raptors Players Salaries

S/N Player Name Position Current Age Contract Salaries
1. Chris Boucher TW 25 Years 2019
2. C.J. Miles SF 31 Years 2019 $8,333,333
3. Malcolm Miller SF 25 Years 2019 $1,349,383
4. Fred VanVleet PG 24 Years 2019 $8,653,847
5. Lorenzo Brown PG 28 Years 2019 $1,621,415
6. Norman Powell SG 25 Years 2019 $9,367,200
7. Greg Monroe C 28 Years 2019 $2,165,481
8. Danny Green SG 31 Years 2019 $10,000,000
9. Pascal Siakam PF 24 Years 2019 $1,544,951
10. Jonas Valanciunas C 26 Years 2019 $16,539,326
11. Malachi Richardson SG 22 Years 2019 $1,569,360
12. Serge Ibaka PF 29 Years 2019 $21,666,667
13. OG Anunoby SF 21 Years 2019 $1,952,760
14. Kawhi Leonard SF 27 Years 2019 $20,099,188
15. Delon Wright PG 26 Years 2019 $2,536,898
16. Kyle Lowry PG 32 Years 2019 $31,000,000

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Highest Earning Players

At first, we must say the name of Kyle Lowry who is the highest paid NBA player in the squad. he is earning $31,000,000 reportedly in a calendar year. Kyle Lowry is an American professional basketball player who is currently 32 years old. Till now, he tested three clubs in his professional career where he turned to pro in 2006 with Memphis Grizzlies and in 2009, he joined Houston Rockets. From  2012, he is playing for the Toronto Raptors.

Serge Ibaka is standing on the 2nd position considering the highest paid players in the team Toronto. He is a power forward and actually a Congolese-Spanish professional basketball player. The player is currently 29 years old and earning $21,666,667 every year. In his professional career, Serge Ibaka played for a number of clubs. Among them, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, and Toronto Raptors are the best. In 2017, he has joined with the Toronto Raptors from Orlando Magic.

Kawhi Leonard is standing on the 3rd position where he is receiving $20,099,188 every year. He is an American professional basketball player and playing as small forward. The player is 27 years old and earlier, he played for the San Antonio Spurs. In June 2018, he has joined with the club Toronto Raptors.

However, excluding the three highest paid NBA players in the team, rest players are also earning a very handsome amount so far.

Basically, the franchise team Toronto Raptors yet to win an NBA title since the beginning of their journey but they have won five Division titles so far.

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