Ed Davis Net Worth 2019 And New Salary Overview

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Edward Adam Davis, you may know him as Ed Davis who played basketball for the team Brooklyn Nets. His position is the power forward and centers both in Brooklyn Nets. Basically power forward and centers play the same role in basketball.  Ed Davis has 9 years of experience in different teams. He earns a lot of money. Most of his income comes from basketball. This post is desired to provide an overall estimation of Ed Davis net worth and income.

Ed Davis Net Worth and Earnings

Ed Davis Net Worth 2019 And New Salary Overview

Ed Davis Net Worth 2019 – $11 Million

Ed Davis earns a lot of money from basketball and various sponsorships. The overview of Ed Davis’ net worth and earnings is stated below,

Ed Davis Net Worth: $ 11 Million

Ed Davis Salary: $ 4449000

Ed Davis’ net worth has been calculated by estimating his all assets and debt. According to the playerswiki’s post in November 2018 his total net worth is $ 11 Million. Recently he has paid $ 4449000 for the season of 2018-2019.


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Familiar Website Data

According to hoopshype, Ed Davis’ current salary is $ 4449000 and his total earning money from basketball is $ 30324148 from 2010 to 2017.

According to articlebio, Ed Davis’ salary is around $ 1.9 Million per year and total net worth is $ 11 million.

According to spotrac, Brooklyn Nets guaranteed Ed Davis $ 4449000 per year. There is more information about the previous earnings. He earned total $ 2 Million from Portland Trail Blazers in the year of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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Biography of Ed Davis

Ed Davis born on 5th July 1989 in Washington, D. C. He is the son of Terry Davis and Angela Jones. Terry Davis was a famous NBA player, he played NBA from 1989 to 2001.

His high school was Benedictine College Preparatory and college was the University of North Carolina. Davis is 6 feet 10 inch tall and his weight is 102 kg. He has over 66k twitter and over 125k Instagram followers.

Career Analysis of Ed Davis

Ed Davis father was a former NBA player, thus he has much interest in basketball from the childhood. Before joining high school he involved in basketball. At the high school, he played basketball very well and become Mr. Basketball in 2008. His scoring average was 14 rebounds, 22 points, and 7 blocks.

In that time he was the best high school basketball player. At college, his performance was so good as before. In the season 2008-2009 his scoring averages were 7 rebounds and 6.7 points. In the next season, he suffered into wrist injury and ended the season with average 9.6 rebounds and 13.4 points.

After successful completion of the college career, he entered into the professional career. With the 13th overall pick in NBA draft 2010, he joined in Toronto Raptors. He played 2010 to 2013 in Toronto Raptors. In his debut match, he scored 6 rebounds and 11 points.

In Toronto Raptors he scored career-high 22 points. From 2013 to 2015 he played for Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers. In 2015 he joined Portland Trail Blazers and earned total $ 2 Million in 3 years. His top score was 15 rebounds and 17 points in Portland Trail Blazers. On July 2018 Davis join Brooklyn Nets and takes $ 4449000 per year.

Personal Life of Ed Davis

There is less information about the personal life of Ed Davis. He is pretty famous in social media. He loves to engage in basketball every time.

At one sentence Davis can be described – he is a fantastic player and a person.


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