UFC Ring Announcers Salaries 2019 – PPV Fight, PPV Bonus, High Profile Fight

Posted on February 21, 2019, 2:55 pm
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For main events, UFC Ring announcers salaries package is higher than the other events. Jimmy Lennon Jr and Michael Buffer are among the highest paid announcers in boxing as during the high profile title fight their voices mostly listen. In a crucial moment of the game, the opinion of Ring Announcers is the most effective matter. In that case, a tiny wrong decision can make a big turn in the game. A report published says that the top-ranked UFC ring announcers Salaries are about $100k per event. There are professional Ring Announcers who judge the fighters during the fight. They are most aware of the rules and regulations of the UFC.

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries 2019 PPV Bonus & Earnings

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries 2019

UFC Ring announcers are making millions of dollars from boxing PPV fights now a day. One of the famous professional ring announcers earned almost £4 million from a big fight between Joshua and Klitschko.  But the eagerness is how much they earn each year from the ring announcer. UFC Ring Announcers are termed as the classical side of operating the game. The Ring Announcers are responsible for doing their duties and they are paid well for their jobs. UFC Ring Announcers Salaries are honored for their consistent decision making with accurate results.  

UFC Ring Announcers Salaries

Bruce Buffer, Michael Buffer, Jimmy Lennon Jr, Jim Lampley, and Barry Tompkins are of the most professional Ring Announcers of the UFC matches and make big money from boxing as well. There are main three categories while offering salaries to the UFC Ring Announcers -those are for the Normal PPV Fight, High Profile Fight, and PPV Bonus. They are paid double when they selected for the high profile title fight.

Let’s have a look at the UFC Ring Announcers Salaries-2018 revealed list



High Profile Fight

PPV Bonus

Normal PPV Fight

1.      1.

UFC Ring Announcers

$5 Million



 So, in the High Profile Fight UFC game, the ring announcers are paid around $5 Million while in the Normal PPV Fight game they are paid off $40,000. Besides, they are paid around $10,000 as for PPV Bonus. These are the main three categories to be considered while offering salaries to the UFC Ring Announcers.

Highest paid UFC Ring Announcers Salaries

During the main PPV fights, one of the ring announcers named Michael Buffer earned around £350 million that is massive in amount. For a professional ring announcer from the boxing pay-per-view event, the amount is around $40,000. Bruce Buffer, Michael Buffer, Jimmy Lennon Jr, Jim Lampley, and Barry Tompkins are of the most professional Ring Announcers of the UFC games and of them, Bruce Buffer is currently earned most from UFC ring announcer position. The senior professional ring announcers earned around $5 million on the UFC fights.

The highest paid UFC ring announcers’ salaries are given on two categories of game. The first category is per match fee and the second is High profile fight fees. The top name ring announcers in UFC highlight the Michael Buffer, Jimmy Lennon Jr, Joe A. Martinez, Ricky Wright and some others as well.

Let’s have a look at the UFC ring announcers Salaries 2019 list



Per Match Fees

High Profile Fight Fees

.      1.

Michael Buffer


$5 million

.    2.

Jimmy Lennon Jr


$2.5 million

.      3.

Joe A. Martinez



.      4.

Ricky Wright



The highest paid ring announcers are paid from $25,000 to $500,000 for each of the PPV matches. In the high profile fight matches, they are paid around $250,000 to $5 million for per match.

UFC ring announcers are paid highly for their sensitive and sincere responsibilities in UFC. In some time they are paid with huge reward besides their salaries amount according to their decisions and match value. UFC ring announcers are recognized with huge respect when they give the decisions accurately in the turning point of the match.

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