Shabazz Napier Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

Posted on January 30, 2019, 11:27 am
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Shabazz Bozie Napier popularly known as Shabazz Napier; is a professional basketball player. He is now playing for a renowned team Brooklyn Nets. His squad number is 13 and his playing position is Point Guard (PG). A Point Guard is a very specialized position in basketball. Point Guard is responsible for controlling the ball and delivers it to the right person at the right time; so that they can score points for the team. Point Guard is a supportive position in basketball. So, Shabazz Napier is a very important player for Brooklyn Nets. He recently joined in Brooklyn Nets and gets a handsome salary per year. This article is all about the Shabazz Napier net worth and income 2019.

Shabazz Napier Net Worth And Earnings

Shabazz Napier Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

Shabazz Napier Net Worth 2019 – $10 Million

In basketball, a skilled Point Guard is needed for scoring more. So, a team hires skilled Point Guard with a high salary. These salaries contribute net worth of a player. The overview of Shabazz Napier net worth and earnings is stated below,

Shabazz Napier Net Worth: $10 Million

Shabazz Napier salary: $1942442


In Brooklyn Nets, Shabazz Napier and Spencer Dinwiddie are two point Guard. Between them, Shabazz Napier gets higher salary than Spencer Dinwiddie. His current net worth is around $ 10 Million and gets $ 1942442 per year.

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Spotrac says that Shabazz Napier signed a two years contract with Brooklyn Nets for $ 3787723 including $ 1942422. His projected salary in season 2019-2020 will be $ 1845301. The website also indicates that Shabazz Napier is 298th best-paid NBA player, 9th best-paid Brooklyn Nets and 57th Point Guard in this year.

Hoopshype revealed Shabazz Napier salary for the season 2018-2019 is $ 1942422 and his next year salary will be $ 1845301. This website says he is the 339th best-paid NBA and 143rd best-paid guard in this year. He is the 12th best-paid player of Brooklyn Nets.

The squander tries to calculate Shabazz Napier net worth. But this website only revealed Shabazz Napier’s salary only. According to this website, his current salary is $ 2 Million and it will be $ 3 Million in the next year.

Profile of Shabazz Napier

Shabazz Napier born on 14th July 1991 on Roxbury, Boston, United States. He is now 27 years old. He is the son of Carmen Velasquez. He has one older sister and brother. He is height is 6 feet 1 inch and weight is 82 kg. He attended Lawrence Academy high school and the University of Connecticut.

Career Analysis of Shabazz Napier

In high school, he was an extraordinary player. In 2010, Lawrence Academy passed an undefeated season and in that season Shabazz was the most valuable player. From 2010-2014, Shabazz successfully passed his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior season. After college career, he joined in the professional career.

From 2014 he plays in 4 different teams. In Miami Heat, his top score was 18 points and the average score was 10.2 points. 22 points were his high score in Orlando magic. In 2016, he joined Portland Trail Blazers. 10th April 2017 he scored his career-high 32 points. On 17th July 2018, he signed 2 years contract with Brooklyn Nets. On 29th December 2018, he scored again career-high 32 points.

Personal Life of Shabazz Napier

Shabazz Napier grew up in hill areas and trained basketball there. He loves to stay with his family. He is not a married person. Sometimes he has been shown in female basketball games. He loves to share about his professional career, not his personal information.

Shabazz Napier is very committed toward his career. He always tries to provide better performance in the game. Playing basketball and various sponsors help him to earn much money. Shabazz Napier net worth is around $ 10 Million which he gathered by playing basketball.

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