Rodions Kurucs Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

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Rodions Kurucs is a Latvian professional basketball player who is now playing for Brooklyn Nets. His jersey number is 00 and his playing position is Small Forward (SF). Small Forward should have to be versatile in character. His responsibilities not only scoring points but also make rebounds, defending and passing. So, typically he is considered as the important player for Brooklyn Nets. Though he is 20 years old he has 8 years of basketball experience. People want to know about his net worth and income. This article helps you to explore Rodions kurucs Net Worth and income 2019.

Rodions Kurucs Net Worth and Earnings

Rodions Kurucs Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

2019 Rodions Kurucs Net Worth – $2 Million

Rodions played professional basketball since 2012. He makes a huge amount of money through playing basketball. The overview of Rodions Kurucs net worth and earnings is given below,

Rodions Kurucs Net Worth: $2 Million

Kurucs’s current salary: $ 1690000

Kurucs recently joined in Brooklyn Nets. Before joining his net income was around $ 2 Million. His salary on Brooklyn is $ 1690000. He is now 14th best-paid player of Brooklyn Nets. His net worth and income is increasing day by day.

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Other Renowned Website Data Analysis

Hoopshype projected the salary of Rodions Kurucs for 4 years. In season 2018-2019 the salary is $ 1690000, 2019-2020 salary will be $ 1774500, 2020-2021 salary will be $ 1859000 and 2021-2022 salary will be $ 1943500. They include he is the 355th best paid NBA player and 145th best paid forward in 2018. He is projected as the 10th best-paid player of Brooklyn Nets in 2019.

Playerswiki indicates that Rodions starts earning at the age of 16. In 2018 he started his NBA career with Brooklyn Nets and earns around $ 1.7 Million per year.

Spotrac revealed that Rodions Kurucs signed 3 years contract with Brooklyn Nets for $ 5097708, average $ 1699236 per year. They projected the salary for next 4 season, in 2018-2019 base salary is $ 1618320, 2019-2020 base salary will be increased to $ 1699236, 2020-2021 salary will be $ 1780152 and 2021-2022 salary will be $ 1861068.

Biography of Rodions Kurucs

Latvian professional basketball player Rodions Kurucs born on 5th February 1998. He is 6 feet 9 inch tall and 95kg weight. There is no effective information about his family and education. He remains active on social media. He has over 22k followers on Tweeter.

Career Discussion of Rodions Kurucs

In 2014, Rodions Kurucs signed 3 years contract with Latvian club VEF Riga. He played in Adidas Next Generation Tournament in next year. After that, he joined Spanish giant FC Barcelona. At the first season in Barcelona he played in the junior club, but when he turned into 18 he joined the reverse team Barcelona. He played 2 years in Barcelona.

In 2017 and 2018 Rodions Kurucs entered into NBA draft. He joined Brooklyn Nets on 21st June 2018. Kurucs made his debut against Detroit Pistons on 17th October 2018. He scored career-high 24 points and 12 rebounds in different games.

Rodions Kurucs also played for Latvian National under 16 teams and played Baltic Sea Cup. He has a great role in bringing a silver medal for Latvia. His average was 5.9 rebounds and 13.4 points.

Personal Life of Rodions Kurucs

Rodions is very simple in his personal life. He has two brothers, except that he has no information about his family. Kurucs also has 2 highly expensive cars. He loves to share his feelings on the social network.

Rodions Kurucs is a young and energetic player for Brooklyn Nets. He has to learn something different from teammates for the betterment of his performance. According to performance Rodions Kurucs net worth and income will be increased.


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