Paige VanZant Net Worth, Earnings and Endorsement 2019

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The American born game UFC stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC was founded by the Art Davie, Bob Meyrowitz, Campbell McLaren, David Isaacs, John Milius, and Rorion Gracie on November 12, 1993. Paige VanZant is one of the legendary players in UFC game. Paige VanZant Net Worth, Earnings and Endorsement are the measures of his earnings in the career. It features the highest-level fighters on the roster. Her playing style is aggressive grappling and she seeks to finish the fight with strikes.

Paige VanZant Net Worth & Earnings

Paige VanZant Net Worth Earnings and EndorsementUFC become the most attractive and paid full tournament as the day passes through the year. The earnings, endorsements and net worth of the legendary Paige VanZant are listed below-


Paige VanZant Net Worth: $06 Million

VanZant Salary per month: $70,000

Paige VanZant per match: $20,000


According to the Weltholino-2018, her net worth is around $6 million. Her net worth is comprised of the accumulation of Salary per match and per month. The salary of Paige VanZant per match is $20,000 and her salary per month is around $70,000. Paige VanZant is paid a weighty amount of salary in accordance with his winnings. Most of her earnings have come from the UFC game.

Paige VanZant Biography

The full name of the legendary player is Paige VanZant. Her nickname is The PVZ and 12 Gauge. She was born on March 26, 1994, in Dundee, Oregon, the U.S.  Her nationality is American. Her height is his weight as 5 feet 4 inches and 57 kg respectively that is just matched each other.

She has played in the categories Straw weight from 2012–2016 and Flyweight in 2017. Her current UFC team is the Gracie Barra Portland and Team Alpha Male her rank is a Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Paige VanZant Professional Career 

Paige VanZant began training in boxing as for the first time and other martial arts Sparks, Nevada. She was announced in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on December 2013 at the Strawweight division.Her playing style is aggressive grappling and she seeks to finish the fight with strikes.

Paige VanZant Net Worth 2019 PayScale & Earnings ComparisonShe was signed to a sponsorship deal with Reebok in February 2015. VanZant won the Performance of the Night bonus award in 2016. She was awarded the Performance of the night bonus. Her appearance in the media is also lucrative. She joined as one of the celebrities of Dancing with the Stars on March 8, 2016.

Paige VanZant Career Titles

The extraordinary career titles of the Paige VanZant are mentioned in a summary view and statistics. Her active years in playing UFC started from 2012 and till she is performing with successful appearance.

From a total of 11 appearances, she won 7 and losses in 4 matches only. Her winnings in the mixed martial arts were 2 by knockout, 2 by submission and 3 by decision. And the losses were 2 by submission and 2 by decision. However, in the amateur league, her winning was 1 from the 1 in the by submission category.

It is a mixed martial arts promotion. She has been recognized as the greatest UFC player in the world for all time. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), she is a name of worth and recorder.

Her muscle and playing become as a safeguard while playing UFC tournaments. She is currently a player with great achievement and appraisal. The net worth of Paige VanZant makes a history in UFC game.

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