John Obi Mikel Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

Posted on January 13, 2019, 5:56 pm
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John Obi Mikel is a Nigerian professional football player and currently playing for the Nigeria national team and also for the Chinese club Tianjin TEDA. He is one of the reputed players in Nigeria and when it comes to the Nigerian famous player, we would like to introduce his name. Among the Nigerian professional players, Mikel is one of the highest earning players no doubt and now, we are going to talk about the John Obi Mikel net worth considering his recent income statistics. Let’s see his net worth details below.

John Obi Mikel Net Worth 2019

John Obi Mikel Net Worth 2019 And Salary Winnings

John Obi Mikel Net Worth 2019 – $25 Million

John Obi Mikel Net Worth – $25 Million

Annual Salary/ Winnings – $6 Million

Weekly Salary – $110,000 (Rumor)

Endorsement Income – Unknown


Nigerian national team player John Obi Mikel is currently playing for the Chinese club Tianjin TEDA and he is also playing for the Nigeria national team. He played with team Nigeria in last Russia World Cup 2018 but ruled out from the group stage. Mikel is a reputed Nigerian player and according to the Forbes magazine, Mikel was once the highest paid Nigerian footballer with an annual salary $5,800,000.

He has endorsement agreement with Pepsi and Samsung and from them, he is earning a very handsome amount no doubt though we yet to learn the actual figure. According to the renowned website Celebritynetworth, the current net worth of the Nigerian player John Obi Mikel is $25 million so far. Besides, his annual salary is $6 million and the rumour says, his weekly salary is $110,000.

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Worldwide Renown Web Info

John Obi Mikel is quite a renowned footballer in Nigeria and the midfielder has proved himself in his professional career. So, he is rewarded with a handsome amount by the different clubs in his career. When we are talking about the net worth of John Obi Mikel, we can see it through the different websites and now,  we are going to reveal the net worth of the Nigerian player based on the different reputed websites in the World. Let’s take a look below.

# According to the Medium The current net worth of the Nigerian player John Obi Mikel is $57 million and the annual salary is $6 million. If we consider the bonus and add-on amount with them, his annual earnings are $8.6 million where his weekly salary is $185, 611 reportedly.

# According to the Legit The current net worth of the Tianjin TEDA midfielder is $25 million and yearly salary is $6 million so far.

# According to the Nigerianinfopedia The Nigerian player John Obi Mikel’s current net worth is estimated $60 million in 2019.

John Obi Mikel Biography

Mikel who is officially known as John Michael Nchekwube Obinna and he is currently 31 years old. He is also known as John Obi Mikel or John Mikel Obi and he was born on 22nd April 1987 at Jos, Nigeria. He is a professional midfielder and wearing number 10 jersey in his current Chinese club Tianjin TEDA.

John Obi Mikel Professional Career

Mikel started his youth career with Plateau United in 2002 and started his professional career with Lyn in 2004. He played for them just 6 appearances in two years and scored a goal.

In 2006, he joined Premier League club Chelsea and played for them eleven long seasons. With them, he made 249 appearances so far. On 6th January 2017, he joined Chinese club which was a free transfer.

John Obi Mikel Career Achievements

The Nigerian player Mikel is playing as a midfielder and so,  he used to play a major role but the goal scorers were the others. He deserves many awards but in the end, we used to calculate the goals.  He won a number of awards in his career. The player won FIFA World Youth Championship Silver Ball in 2005,  he was the African Young Player of the Year in 2005 and 2006 so far.

As stated by the above-listed statistics, we can clearly see that John Obi Mikel is a talented player in a professional career.  He has come to the end. He is earning a good amount and his net worth is much better than his same rated players in the World.

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