Jeff Horn Net Worth 2019, Earnings and Endorsement

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In this selfish world, strength and worth are the required sides of honor. For gaining honor, both of the assets one have to achieve in life even in a minimum range. At present, playing any game with heavy effort is one of the dramatic sources of earnings. Boxing is one of the foremost earning types game for over the year. The boxing fights take place each month. Boxing players are termed as the basic strength of operating the game. Jeff Horn was a professional boxer with some dramatic records in boxing. Jeff Horn Net Worth, Earnings and Endorsement are mentioned respectively with updated figures.

Jeff Horn Biography

Jeffrey Christopher Horn is the full name of the Jeff Horn. Jeff Horn is an Australian professional boxer. His nicknames are the Hornet, The fighting and the Schoolteacher.

The height of Jeff Horn is five feet and nine inches. He was born in the Brisbane, Queensland of Australia in on 4 th February in 1988. His playing categories are both of the Welterweight and Middleweight. His stance is Orthodox.

Jeff Horn Net Worth And Earnings

Jeff Horn Net Worth 2019, Earnings and Endorsement

Jeff Horn Net Worth 2019 – $0.5 M

The Boxing players Salaries are honored for their consistent performance by obeying the rules and duties of the boxing fight in making with accurate information.

Jeff Horn Net Worth: $05 Million

Jeff Horn purse per fight: $1.5 Million

The earnings figures of Jeff Horn are listed here to get an overview of his earnings.


Years and Sources Earnings
Earnings from his win against Samuel Colomban in 2013 $400,000
Earnings from his win against Victor Plontnikov in 2015 $500,000
Earnings from his win against Pacquaio in 2015 $01 Million
Earnings from his win against Randall Bailey, Rico Mueller & Ali Funeka $1.2 Million
Earnings from his win against Corcoran  $700,000

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Jeff Horn Professional Career

Jeff Horn won his first Australian title in 2009 and later in 2011 also. In the AIBA world boxing championship in 2011 he picked up the second round. In the 2012 London Olympics, he defeated Gilbert Choombe in the round of 32. In the round of 16, he defeated Abderrazak
Houya but he lost in the Quarterfinal against Denys Berinchyk.

He recognized as the Sports Australia Hall of Fame Don Award in 2017. Then he won the Queensland Sports Star of the year in 2017. Finally, he won the Australian Institute of Sports award. The professional record summary of Jeff Horn is comprised with the 21 fights where he won the
19 fights and lost in only 1 fight.

Jeff Horn was a player with great achievement and appraisal. His salaries and earnings were rising year to year. His net worth is much healthier as well. But he will most remember for his playing and for his achievements.

He has become one of the best boxers of England as well as in the world. He is appraised with applaud and glory for his enlightened career in boxing.

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