Handball Referees Salaries 2019 And Annual Earnings

Posted on February 01, 2019, 5:18 pm
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Handball is now one of the most popularity increasing sports in the world. It has become a more prominent game in the recent few years. When Handball referees are selected for the World Championship and European championship tournaments, their rate of salaries increase than other
tournaments. There are two main categories of handball match, they serve as a court referee and a goal-line referee.

Handball is one of the most popular sports league tournaments in America & Europe. The senior referees also earn a lot of amount from each season as for salaries or prize money. Referees are mainly responsible for maintaining the fairness of the game. Handball Referees are paid highly for their crucial and highly responsibilities in the game. Referees are considered as the cornerstone of operating the game of Handball.

In a crucial moment of the game, the decision of Referees is the most realistic matter. In that case, a simple wrong decision can make a big turn in the game. Handball Referees Salaries are far more than the other sports categories. Because it’s so dangerous to handle the players and is hard to identify the wrong among the rapid actions of them.

The court referee and line referee judge are most aware of the rules and regulations of the Handball. It’s one of the hardest games in the world.Although Handball Referees are responsible for doing their duties and they are paid salaries well for their jobs and responsibilities. The paying rate for the referees may change on the basis of the weight and period of the matches.

Handball Referees Salaries 2019

There are mainly three categories while offering salaries to the Handball Referees-those are the Professional Referee, Rookie Referees and Female Referee Like other games of soccer. They are paid double when they selected for the high profile title matches. The court referee and goal-line referee are of the professional categories of referees of the Handball matches.

In big matches, the Senior Referees or experienced referees are selected and they are paid around $3000 for each match. The Rookie Referees is not selected to operate the games In case of high and big fight matches. But in low voltage matches where the referees are most junior or entry level, they are paid around $500 for per match.

The annual paid rate also vary between the Rookie Referees or entry level and Senior Referees or experienced professional referees. Where the entry level is paid $30,000 per year and the experienced professional referees are paid $200,000 per year.

In operating any game, mostly in the female category, the female Referees are to be selected. Female Referees are paid around per year. The first category is Per Match Fees, and the second is Tournament & League Fees and the final earning source is Annual Earnings of the referees.

Let’s have a look at the Handball Referees Salaries 2019 revealed list.

Categories Per Match Fees Tournament & League Fees Annual Earnings
Professional Referees $800 $2500 $320,000
Rookie Referees $150 N/A $60,000
Female Referees $350 $500 $100,000

Tournament wise Handball Referees Salaries 2019

The Handball Referees salaries are given in the following categories. EHF Champions League, IHF World Championship, European Handball Championship, Olympics, Danish Handball League, and Other Handball Leagues are the titles of the categories of referees of the Handball

Let’s have a look at the Handball Referees Salaries 2019 list for various tournaments.

Tournaments Goal line referee Court referee
EHF Champions League $800 $800
IHF World Championship $2,500 $2,500
European Handball Championship $2,000 $2,000
Danish Handball League $500 $500
Other Handball Leagues $450 $450
Olympics $1,500 $1,500


Handball Referees are paid highly for their hardest sensitive and sincere responsibilities in operating the game. recognized with huge respect they are paid with huge reward besides handball referees salaries amount according to their decisions and match value. They are very much appreciated for their concrete duties. As other referees do, handball referees are higher enough as their duties are

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