Clayton Kershaw Net Worth 2019 And Salary Per Winnings

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Major League Baseball is a dragon category of game that is one of the most popular baseball league tournaments in America and does Billion businesses in every season. The people of America and Canada are very much fascinated with this game every year. Every year it is conducted and arranged with heavy offerings of money. It is mostly known as the round play as players are arranging for its potentiality. In entertaining the game players are very much concentrated on getting earnings. In that case, their enjoyment and excitement can make big effects on the audiences of the game. The players are responsible for doing their duties and they are paid well for their jobs. Clayton Kershaw is a player of heavy payment. The updated title of Clayton Kershaw Net Worth, Earnings and Endorsement are much higher.

Clayton Kershaw Net Worth

Clayton Kershaw Net Worth Earnings and Endorsement 2018The earnings endorsements and net worth of the phenomenon Clayton Kershaw are listed below-

Clayton Kershaw Net Worth:  $34.5 Million


Salary and Winnings:  $33.8 Million


Kershaw Endorsement:  $0.8 Million


For playing in the Los Angeles Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw is paid a healthy amount of salary in accordance with his winnings. According to the Forbes which was revealed in 6th May of 2018 his net worth is around $34.5 million. The net worth of Clayton Kershaw is comprised with the summation of Salary and Winnings is around $33.8 Million and Endorsement is around $0.8 Million. A majority of his earnings are come from playing in the major league baseball. His sports agency is the Excel Sports Management and his sports sponsors are the Topps, Wilson Sporting Goods. He has become the world’s no. The 37th highest paid athlete in the year 2018.

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Clayton Kershaw Bio Info

Clayton Kershaw was born on 19th March of 1988 in Dallas, Texas of the United States of America. The American baseball legend Clayton Kershaw is a player of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Major League Baseball. He is a Left-hander batter and throws in Left hand as well.

Clayton Kershaw Career     

Playin in the major league baseball was the boy’s time dream that comes as true in his later age. Clayton Kershaw joined for playing MLB in 2007 by joining with the club on May 25, 2008, for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw Net Worth 2018 And Earnings Overview

Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers

He is playing for the same team at present. His win and loses in the MLB statistics it is 153–69 wins and losses with 2.39 earned run average and 2,275 strikeouts. His WHIP title is 1.00.

Clayton Kershaw Titles

The exceptional career titles of the Clayton Kershaw are mentioned in a summary view.

  • Golden Glove Award in 2011.
  • Warren Spahn Award in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017.
  • Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award  in 2014
  • All-Star in 2011–2017.
  • NL wins leader in 2011, 2014, 2017.
  • Roberto Clemente Award in 2012.
  • NL-Cy Young Award in 2011, 2013, 2014.
  • NL ERA leader in 2011–2014, 2017.

Clayton Kershaw is one of the consistent players of MLB. Players are paid a good amount of salary for their responsibilities and sacrifices of time and energy.

MLB players Salaries are very much familiar with the regular production of money. Each of the tournaments is another addition of prize money. Clayton Kershaw Net Worth 2019, Salary Per Winnings and Endorsement have come from the active performance of the tournaments.

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