Boxing Ring Girls Salaries 2019 Match Fees And Annual Earnings

Posted on February 01, 2019, 1:47 pm
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The boxing fights take place each month. With chart mention the number of match round some models to walk around in the ring. Boxing Ring Girls are paid highly for their foremost sensitive and sincere responsibilities in the game. Ring Girls are termed as the basic strength of operating the game of Boxing. In a certain moment of the game, the activities of Ring Girls is the most sincere matter. At that time a small wrong job can make a big turn in the game. The Ring Girls are responsible for doing their duties and they are paid well for their activities in the time of boxing fight. The paying rate may change on the basis of the weight of the matches and time to time. The Highest Paid Boxing Ring Girls Salaries are honoured for their consistent performance by obeying the rules and duties of the boxing fight in making with accurate information. 

Boxing Ring Girls Salaries 2018-19 Match Fees & Annual IncomeTheir earnings rise when they are selected for the main card fights and high profile fights. There are professional Highest Paid Boxing Ring Girls who do their duties during the fight. They are most aware of the rules and regulations of the Boxing. In short title, boxing matches ring girls earn around $200 per fight while in big turn matches they earn around $7,000.

Boxing Ring Girls Salaries 2019 updated

There are main three categories while offering salaries to the Boxing Ring Girls -those are per match fees, bonus and annual earnings. They are paid double when they selected for the high profile title fight. In case of high fight matches, the entry level Ring Girls are not selected to operate the games. In high fight matches, the experienced Ring Girls are paid around $8,000 for each match. But in low voltage matches where the Ring Girls are most junior or entry level, they are paid around $200 for per match.

The annual paid rate also vary between the normal fight matches and high fight matches. Where for normal fight matches are paid around $40,000 per year and for high fight matches are paid $400,000 per year. Jessica Brooke, Kyra Keli, Samantha Kumiko, Jen Mateo, Rosie Roff, Elle Navarro, Arley Elizabeth, and Jessa Hinton are of the most professional Ring Girls of the Boxing matches.

Let’s have a look at the Boxing Ring Girls Salaries 2019 revealed list

SL/No. Categories Per Match Fees Bonus Annual Earnings
1.       High fight matches $8,000 $3,000 $400,000
2.       Normal fight matches $200 N/A $40,000

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Highest paid Boxing Ring Girls 2019

The highest paid Boxing Ring Girls salaries are given on three categories of game. The first category is Per Match Fees, and the second is the Main event and the third is Annual earnings of the Ring Girls. The top name Boxing Ring Girls highlights the Jessica Brooke, Kyra Keli, Samantha Kumiko, Jen Mateo, Rosie Roff, and Elle Navarro, Arley Elizabeth, and Jessa Hinton and some others as well.

Jessica Brooke Highest Paid Boxing ring girl

Highest Paid Boxing Ring Girl – #No.1 Jessica Brooke

Let’s have a look at the Top Rank Boxing Ring Girls Salaries 2019 list.

SL/No. Name Per Match Fees Main event Fees Annual Earnings
1.       Jessica Brooke $1,000   $7000 $400,000
2.       Kyra Keli $1,000 $7000 $400,000
3.       Samantha Kumiko $900 $6500 $370,000
4.       Jen Mateo $700 $5,000 $300,000
5.       Rosie Roff $1200 $8,000 $420,000
6.       Elle Navarro $1000 $8,000 $400,000
7.       Arley Elizabeth $700 $6,000 $320,000
8.       Jessa Hinton $500 $4500 $280,000

Boxing Ring Girls are recognized with huge respect when they give the audiences a true fighting game by accurately in the turning point of the match. They are very much appreciated for their concrete performance.

Most of the time, Boxing Ring Girls are paid highly for their assigned performance in Boxing. In some time they are paid with huge reward besides boxing ring girls salaries amount according to their fights and match value. 

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