Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth, Earnings and Endorsement 2019

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Formula One is also known as the F1 shortly. Formula refers to the set of rules that all the participants have to conform. It is a single seater auto racing event that is sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de I’Automobile. The event is owned by the Formula 1 group. It consists of a series of races. The game has been continuing from the inaugural season of 1950. Kimi Raikkonen is a multirole formula one player with lots of appraisal and earnings. Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth is somehow above than the average of the other gaming category players around the season.

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth 2019 PayScale & Salary Comparison

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth: $180 Million


Salary and Winnings: $40 Million


Raikk0nen Endorsement: $140 Million




Kimi Räikkönen has been near the top of the Forbes lists of highest-paid athletes frequently. According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Kimi Raikkonen net worth is estimated to be £138 million ($180m). In 2015, he was ranked as the third-richest F1 driver of all time by Wealth X.

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Kimi Raikkonen Biography

The finish pronunciation of Kimi Räikkönen is Kimi ˈmɑtiɑs ˈræikːønen. He was born on 17 October 1979 in Espoo of Finland. His nickname in the game is Iceman. As a finish racing driver, he won numerous titles of awards.

Before winning the British Formula winter series in 1999, He graduated to the European Formula Super a championship in the late 90s. He is the residence of the Baar, Switzerland at present.

Kimi Raikkonen Professional Career

Kimi Räikkönen is currently driving in Formula 1 for Sauber. He has won the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2007. He has completed the World Rally Championship in 2010 and 2011. In the season of 2018, he played for the team Ferrari. For the season of 2019, he has switched Sauber Ferrari. The car number f this legendary racer is 7. He has 294 with 292 starts.

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth 2018-19 Earnings and EndorsementHe has 21 titles in his career.  His podium is 103 and career point is 1816. His first entry in the Formula one was in 2001 at the Australian Grand Prix and the last entry is in the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He got his first win in the 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix and the last win is in the 2018 United States Grand Prix. The overall position of Kimi Räikkönen is 3rd after the 2018 season. World Rally Championship his teams were the Citroën Junior Team and the ICE 1 Racing.

Kimi Raikkonen Career Highlights 

The career highlights of the legendary Kimi Räikkönen are as follows-

SL/No. Titles
1. F1 World Championship at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
2. He achieved Lotus F1’s first race at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
3. He has achieved the most podiums at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017, and 2018.
4. He has achieved the fastest laps (6) at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2013 and 2017.

Kimi Raikkonen is currently a player with great achievement performance and worth. He has contracted the Formula 1 first $150 million for the team. He is endorsing by the include Wrangler, Oakley.

From the endorsers, he is paid around $140 million and total Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth over $180 Million Besides, a multi-year development and production deal has been announced between Raikkönen and the Sauber that will be another big source of money.

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