Wilfried Zaha, a step away from the big transfer

Posted on May 13, 2018, 2:08 pm
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After the first few rounds of this Premier League season we thought we already had a brick inheritance. Crystal Palace won points only in the eighth series of meetings. Previously, not only could not make a note but even a goal. Then Wilfried Zaha woke up, a player in whom huge expectations were placed but until that moment he was wailing with the rest of the whole team. Wilfried Zaha, a step away from the big transfer

Then the Eagles began to play very decently at the head with the wingman. The Ivorian, who by and large was an Englishman until recently provided his team with a very calm life and now he can very well sit back when better clubs fight for him.

Wilfried Zaha a step away from the big transfer

Such performances have not gone unnoticed and all major Premier League teams are interested in wing services. Media report that the favorite has already cleared up.

Daily Mail claims that Manchester City is to be the most serious about Zaha. Although Transfermarkt pricing the player at around £ 20m.Citizens are prepared to put up to 50 bubbles.

No wonder, transfers between English clubs are always associated with an artificially conquered price which we could see for example in the case of Sigurdsson, Pickford or Keane, who in the last summer was bought by Everton and if they were imported, let’s say with Italian they would be half cheaper.

It is not known today that Pep Guardiola wants in his ranks yet another good but not an excellent wingman to increase the depth. Riyad Mahrez was a long-term candidate for this player and Leicester’s complicated move to Manchester made Algerian’s move to Manchester. Crystal Palace will probably not make problems for his player especially if he sees 50 million on the table.

However, you should think about whether this money will not go on passionately love. Zaha was once a hero of the big transfer and also to Manchester but in United, he completely failed.

It can be argued that he was just too young at the time but in my opinion, he failed to do otherwise. Zaha did not cope with the pressure and he will not succeed this time, he is a typical player to shine in the average which will never exist in a giant.