Unexpected Marchisio transfer on the horizon of Juventus

Posted on August 15, 2018, 5:43 pm
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Claudio Marchisio is a player who for years was a symbol of Juventus. Italy was never the best player on the team, but his persistence and ambition made him a real leader. During the first three Championships of Italy under the leader Conte, he kept the team in check. Later, unfortunately, it was only worse because the status of Marchisio in the team was decreasing. Unexpected Marchisio transfer on the horizon of Juventus.

There were other helpers who consistently took time on the pitch. Now the situation is basically dramatically wrong. In the frame, there are so many better connectors that Marchisio cannot count on the game. In this situation, the best solution would be to leave. There is no shortage of volunteers in Italy.

Unexpected Marchisio transfer on the horizon of JuventusA lot was said about his possible transfer to Major League Soccer. An active retirement would be a great idea for Marchisio. He is a player who can still perform at a decent level, and he would not have problems with ambition issues, because his determination has always been at the right level. Not one manager in MLS would give much for such a midfielder. Of course, Marchisio would have become the captain of the team he would join.

Now, however, a new, interesting option has appeared. This, in turn, will remain in Europe. Marchisio was interested in Nice. The French have a new coach in the form of Patrick Viera, who, after all, was himself a great struggle during his glory. So it is not surprising that he would like to have someone like that in his line-up.

Tuttosport gives this information, however, did not mention how much it would cost Italy. We can, however, suppose that it would be a funny money. Transfermakrt is valuing him for some 7 million euros and it does not seem that Juventus needs more for him.

Italy himself should be happy with this option because he will play more and will not have to give up a serious ball. Nice can finally fight for European cups, which are not even comparable to MLS level. The only downside of this transfer is in principle the need to cooperate with Mario Balotelli.

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