UEFA Champions League Schedules Sami-Final 2019

Posted on March 16, 2019, 4:13 pm
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UEFA Champions League schedules for 2017/18 season has already revealed and it is 26th season of Champions League but considering it’s foundation is 1955, the ongoing season of UEFA Champions League 2017/18 is the 63rd episode.

UEFA Champions League schedules 2017 2018 sportseonEvery season of Champions league consists of top division European clubs which is under the change of Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It is one of the most prestigious professional football competition in the world and also most prestigious club football competition in Europe which consists of national league champions and runners up.

Quick Round of 16

New UEFA Champions League format explained 2018-2021

However, just before in 1992, this competition was recognized as European Champion Clubs’ Cup or simply European Cup but since 1992, the named changed to UEFA Champions League. Total thirty two clubs used to take part in this competition in group stage but the team number is totally 78 or 79. They are usually from different associations no doubt.

UEFA Champions League Schedules 2017/18 (Revealed)

Stage Round Draw 1st & 2nd Leg
Qualifying 1st Qualifying 19th Jun, 2017 First Leg – 27th to 28th Jun, 2017 & 2nd Leg – 4th to 5th Jul, 2017
Qualifying 2nd Qualifying 19th Jun, 2017 1st Leg – 11th to 12th Jul, 2017 & 2nd Leg – 18th to 19th Jul, 2017
Qualifying 3rd Qualifying 14th Jul, 2017 First Leg – 25th to 26th Jul, 2017 & 2nd Leg – 1st to 2nd Aug, 2017
Play off Play off 4th Aug, 2017 1st Leg – 15th to 16th Aug, 2017 & 2nd Leg – 22nd to 23rd Aug, 2017
Group Stage 1st Matchday 24th Aug, 2017 12th to 13th September, 2017
Group Stage 2nd Matchday 24th Aug, 2017 26th to 27th September, 2017
Group Stage 3rd Matchday 24th Aug, 2017 17th to 18th October, 2017
Group Stage 4th Matchday 24th Aug, 2017 31st to 1st November, 2017
Group Stage 5th Matchday 24th Aug, 2017 21st to 22nd November, 2017
Group Stage 6th Matchday 24th Aug, 2017 5th to 6th December, 2017
Knockout Round of 16 11th Dec, 2017 1st Leg – (13th to 14 & 20th to 21st Feb, 2018) & 2nd Leg – (6th to 7th & 13th to 14th Mar, 2018)
Knockout Quarter Final 16th Mar, 2018 1st Leg – 3rd to 4th Apr, 2018 & 2nd Leg – 10th to 11th Apr, 2018
Knockout Semi Final 13th Apr, 2018 First Leg – 24th to 25th Apr, 2018 & 2nd Leg – 1st to 2nd May, 2018
Knockout Final 26 May, 2018

UEFA Champions League 1st and 2nd Qualifying

In every season of the tournament, generally first qualifying round used to start in the middle of June and at the same time, the second qualifying round used to start. The schedule used to announce just earlier the competition. This time it remains the same.The qualifying and playoff round has successfully finished already and the thirty two teams are announced as well.

Group stage matches of  Champions League

However, already the group stage matches have started where the group stage consists of total six match days. Generally a Champions League season suns ten months and the final of the tournament used to stage in following May in next year.

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