James Rodriguez & Thiago Alcantara are not going anywhere

Posted on August 18, 2018, 3:03 pm
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Only incorrigible optimists could believe that James Rodriguez would return to Real Madrid this summer. The departure of Thiago Alcantara seemed more likely – whether it was for Barca or Real. However, this is what it is. The Bundesliga was even one week before the start of the Bundesliga, and Bild announced that there was no chance that any of these players would leave Bayern Munich. now it confirmed that James Rodriguez & Thiago Alcantara are not going anywhere.

The case with James was rather clear from the beginning. The Colombian proved himself in Bavaria, although he had a difficult beginning and almost emphasized how well he felt in Bayern. It is the Munich people who have the most to talk about, of course, we remember that Rodriguez is currently loaned out of Real Madrid, and Germany has the option of buying it for pennies – most likely they use it, otherwise they would be morons.

James Rodriguez & Thiago Alcantara are not going anywhereThis summer, some rumors started to appear that said James might come back to Spain, that the Kings have something to talk about … The total foolishness in which his agent, known Jorge Mendes, got involved. It was said that Mendes was traveling somewhere around Madrid and negotiating various things, but with some serious games, it had so much in common that nothing, because he supposedly only wanted to settle the increase for his client. Pic for water.

As for Thiago, the matter was more serious. It has long been connected with his beloved Barcelona, which gave a good deal to the Munich men that she gave him a few years ago for a poor 25 million euros. When Alcantara is in the form and is above all healthy, it definitely belongs to the world class players in their position and I have no doubt about it – the problem is that the injuries like him like Cristiano hair gel.

At the end of the season, it was said in the media that a Spaniard did not feel at Bayern appreciated that he was criticized from above and indeed it seemed that he could leave Allianz Arena. However, Arturo Vidal went to Barcelona, and Thiago remained where he stayed. Later, even began to combine him with Real Madrid, the situation was to be quite serious, but the topic how quickly jumped,

Finally, Dr. Bild decided to explain the case, which stated that there is no chance for the two players to leave. As for James, it’s just a receipt, but in the case of Alcantara, it is the first such clear signal about its being left.

And all in all well, because both men are the kind of players he needs, and Bayern, and the Bundesliga, which they look at with pleasure and who … must be only healthy. Because, besides, the class itself.

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