The new format of the Club World Cup is getting closer

Posted on April 15, 2018, 12:18 am
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Club World Championships are probably one of the most boring games that are considered to be fairly prestigious. Now we highlight the topic of the new format of the Club World Cup is getting closer. It is not even about the fact that they are held every year, the Champions League too, but somehow it awaits. The reason is more the team approach to this tournament and above all the difference in their levels.

The new format of the Club World Cup is getting closer

Seven teams meet of which one is handed a trophy in principle before the tournament is played. The winner of the Champions League is always much stronger on paper than the triumphs of other continental games even the one from South America. In the last ten years only once a team from outside Europe has won this tournament.

It was Corinthians in 2012, which Chelsea succumbed to. It is not surprising that FIFA wants to kindle these professions somehow so that they eventually become interesting and quite fierce.

The Times reports that the organization of enlarged and improved Club World Championships is getting closer. This is due to investors who have applied to FIFA. An international consortium made up of Asian companies was to offer the World Football Federation up to $ 25 billion for three editions of the tournament.

The first edition would take place as early as 2021. The participants would consist of the last four Champions League winners, the Europa League and Copa Libertadores and two triumphs of the games from North America, Africa, and Asia.

The tournament would take place at the turn of June and July or when most of the important games are over. The participants would be divided into eight groups of three teams, from which one team would go.

There is no doubt that expanding games is a great idea suddenly they can become much more interesting and more prestigious. However, the new date for their implementation is controversial.

It is possible that the clubs will not approach them seriously anyway, because all players will be exhausted after the whole season. As a result, we can simply get longer games with better teams, but no more exciting, but that’s not what we want.

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