Heung Min Son must leave the beginning of the season to avoid uniform

Posted on August 01, 2018, 2:59 pm
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This applies to most players. They do not have to worry about issues that for most of us are a daily duty. However, this is not the case for everyone. Such Hueng Min Son must worry about something that even ordinary men of his age do not care about. The Korean must be in military service. Heung Min Son must leave the beginning of the season to avoid uniform.

Hueng Min Son must leave the beginning of the season to avoid uniform

Maciej Zurawski once admitted that the end of his career was a shocking introduction to the earth. When he played football, the club did most things for him. After completing his career, it turned out that some basic activities simply exceed him. For example, he did not know how to pay bills. He had never done it before.

In his country, there is a law that orders every guy to serve in the army, which should last 21 months. They must complete it up to the age of 28. There are, however, some mitigating issues. From the service, athletes are freed because they won medals for specific events for the country. One of them is gold at the Asian Games.

This is the last tournament that could free Sona from the military adventure, so he has to go to him, even if he overlaps the new Premier League season. The English first league starts on August 10th and then the Olympics begin. They will reach the end of September 1. This means that Son will leave until the first four meetings. The club, however, has no choice but to agree to his departure and then not lose it for much longer.

However, it should be noted that the trip itself does not guarantee a gold medal. Koreans will still have to make a good effort to defeat other rivals. It will be easier to use the fact that, for the most part, professions for up to 23 years or even younger are appointed. Sometimes they are only enriched by older players.

What will happen if the Koreans cannot win despite the undoubted strengthening that Son will have? It’s hard to believe that the winger will have to serve 21 months in the barracks.

Probably his service will be significantly shortened, even to the four-week course, which after winning the bronze medal at the Olympics in London was held by some of his colleagues.

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