Romelu Lukaku plans to retire from the Belgium team after 2020

Posted on August 17, 2018, 11:55 am
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2days ago Victor Moses unexpectedly decided to end his professional career. The Nigerian is only 27 years old, and his decision was as if he were in his late forties. I did not diagnose any mental illness or mental problems. For those of you can be traced to Romelu Lukaku. Romelu Lukaku plans to retire from the Belgium national team after 2020 and won’t play in the Qatar World Cup.

Romelu said the Belgian team set a new standard for the nation in the 2018 World Cup by making the semifinals. Though Belgium star said he still hasn’t hit his prime, he said after Euros, the next generation of Belgian players can come for his spot on the team.

Romelu Lukaku plans to retire from the BelgiumBelgian gave a very controversial interview for the Business Insider, in which he announced his representative plans for the next two years. The forwarder said that the European Championships in 2020 do not intend to place the team, although he feels the breath of younger players on his back. He added that after this championship he would probably let them just take them because then he would give up the squad.

Romelu, did not you get the ceiling out of your head? You are 25 years old and considering the growing sports medicine and the rising average age of the ending of your career, you could play at the highest level, also in the national team still calmly for about 7 years.

During this time, he would have managed to get more than two European Championships and one World Cup. Why would you give up after the next euro?

Belgian cannot explain the desire to focus on club competitions, because he is still a young, strong guy who is able to handle physical difficult playing on two fronts. This is what 33-year-old Łukasz Piszczek can say, not a guy who barely turned 25 spring. Already I ignore the fact that usually, the middle assailants are able to play a bit longer than even helpers or players operating on the flanks. It would also be foolish to explain that he has achieved everything with representation.

This is what Pique and Silva can say, who are both European and World Champions. Lukaku has a bronze medal on one of these events, so with such an achievement, taking into account the potential of the whole team, he can hide. I do not know how a long trip for Belga will be going to my mind, but I advise you to make sandwiches on the road and start now.

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