Roma will beat his transfer record in this season

Posted on July 30, 2018, 2:33 pm
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AS Roma is one of the best performing team transfers in Europe. Romans, although for many years are in the forefront of Serie A, are not magnates and cannot afford huge expenses. That’s why they try to buy players very carefully and the best, usually, they do it for money earned on the sale of other players. So it seems that Roma will beat his transfer record in this season.

Roma will beat his transfer record in this season 2018

It is no different this summer. Despite the release of more than 100 million for reinforcements, Giallorossi is still in the plus, for which they should largely thank Alisson and Nainggolan.

This desired profit limit was to be exceeded at the time of buying Malcom. Although the Brazilian was not supposed to be too expensive and given his last season, almost indecently cheap, the Romans would feel that their budget has been tarnished.

However, the transfer did not happen for known reasons, and the Giallorossis are now looking for another winger, on whom they could spend their money in the wall at the last moment. In recent days two favorites have appeared in the media.

They talked about Suso and David Neres. Both could cost as much as Malcom, maybe an Ajax competitor would be a bit cheaper. Now, however, we find out that there is one more winger in the circle. Buying it would involve the beating of a seventeen-year transfer record, which was established by bringing Gabriela Batistuta.

Calciomercato reports that the Romans are considering acquiring Leon Bailey. The Jamaican supposedly expressed the desire to leave Bayern, which alarmed the teams interested in him. Chelsea was the first one in the queue, and Arsenal immediately followed. As it turns out, the Giallorossi can shamelessly shove in front of them.

However, they have to take into account a serious expense. The Jamaican will cost at least 45 million euros. This amount can effectively deter Romans, who carefully manipulate their funds and think about every penny they are going to invest. It seems, therefore, that they will induce one of the cheaper, above-mentioned options.


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